Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Time, No Post

Yuccccckkkk, I am sooooo ashamed of myself for not posting in over a week! A WHOLE WEEK! Yikes, this is really embarrassing, everyone.
Anyways, the reason I haven't been posting mainly is Sunny's fault (tsk, tsk). Lately she's been hanging out with her friends, having sleepovers, and doing end-of-summer stuff. She apologizes.
So, like I said, I've been raising money for horseback-riding lessons at the barn where my friend Gwen and this girl Rebecca I know ride. I've been doing lots of side jobs such as dog-walking, babysitting, and my most recent job of cleaning out my aunt's attic, which I must say, was a lot of fun.
While I was going through drawers and drawers of family mementos, old photographs, musty clothing, and assorted odds-and-ends that had found their way into Aunt Trish's attic, I was surprised to find a bunch of old hats. I asked my Aunt Trish and she said her grandma used to collect them and that they're from the late 1800's to the early 1950's. I decided to try some of them on.
There were a TON of hats. My favorites were these. They looked so elegant and graceful. I decided to try the floral pink one first. Aunt Trish said that it dated back to the 1880's. As I wore the gorgeous rose hat, I imagined my self as a southern belle growing up on a plantation. I loved the pinks, yellows, and pale greens in the hat.
The next hat I tried on was a burgundy hat with a long trail of crimson, gold, and silver ribbons. It looked like a hat someone might wear in the early 1900's. Maybe a sophisticated debutante? Or a New York socialite? As I tried on the hat, I tried to imagine when and where my great grandma wore each hat she had in her collection.
The last hat I decided to try on was the most modern of the hats in her collection. I decided that it looked a bit like a hat from the 1950's. It reminded me like a hat worn by an ace reporter or crime scene detective. And (of course) I Picniked it with my signature font. :o)
I had such a great time helping my aunt clean out her messy attic. Besides making $20 towards my riding fund, I also enjoyed trying on the different hats and playing pretend. Sorry again about the lack of posts this month. I'll try my best to post more often!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Judy

Yesterday was Sunny's grandma's birthday and we gave her an extra-special gift- an American Girl doll that looked like she did when she was a girl! Sunny's grandma loved it, as well as the "Meet" book that came with it. Mini-Judy, as she's named her, is a customized Molly doll. We took her braids out so her hair was curly like Grandma's was and put her in an outfit that looked similar to something from the late 1930's, early 1940's.
Mini-Judy looked just like Sunny's grandma did in old pictures. It was crazy!

Yay for weird Picniking, lol! Sorry about my total lack of posts. I've still been doing a lot of side-jobs to earn money for horseback riding so I'll totally post pictures of me working on that soon. Happy August, everyone!