Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smelly Nellie

I am completely and utterly BORED.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) has been going on here. Other than Shannon getting primped and polished for her first round of AGMA, Sunny has barely had time to do anything with us dolls. I guess that's what happens when your Algebra teacher assigns you a ton of math every night and you have softball practice every night, but, oh well.

I do have news, though. Barely, but I do.

Nellie is back.

For a month or so she's been pretty okay. Not exactly friendly, but not mean either. UNTIL... today. I was just walking down the halls of FMSG when she rammed into me like a bull.

"Excuse you!" she yelped, her books scattering on the linoleum.
"Uh, sorry, Nellie," I said as I bent over to help her retrieve her fallen folders.
"Whatever. JSYK, you need glasses! I almost died." I could hear the mockery and sarcasm back in her voice.
"You didn't 'almost die'. You were the one who rammed into me, you know."
"Get out of my way, Hazelwood. You're on my list."

Well then, I was thinking. Nellie the Notorious was back and she was meaner than ever. Just great.
I don't know what to do about her! Sometimes she seems so cool and calm and other times it's like a fire is raging inside of her. I guess I was pretty dumb for thinking she might actually stop her ways for once, right? Gosh, I hope I don't see her at the dance on Friday...


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hey, everyone, it's me, Cali! So much has been going on here (Sunny's softball tournament + homework galore = busy!) so I'm very glad I've found the time to update! Anyways, I just wanted to say congrats to
Shannon and the other dolls that got into AGMA (including Serenity from Ruthie's View and Kristy from Elizabeth's Adventures) and that everyone's auditions were great. Shannon can't wait for the first assignment. :)
Also, like I said before, Sunny had a tournament this weekend for softball. She plays second base and outfield. Her team won first place!!!!!!!
As for me: same old, same old. The only thing that I'm actually looking forward to right now is the Spring Fling, which is this coming Friday. No one has asked me to go with them yet so for now I'm just going with a bunch of friends. It's going to be a ton of fun! Everyone has to get all dressed up in dresses and suits, drink punch, and chat. This is probably the biggest school festival FMSG ever has!
And, before I forget, the Earth Day Contest has been held over to April 29th. Please enter!
So that's all for now. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Photo Contest

As most of you know, this coming Thursday is Earth Day! And, in honor of our mother Earth, I have decided to make Crazy for Cali's first ever photo contest. Basically, there will be 5 awards: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and 1 - 2 honorable mentions, depending on how many people enter. Even though there are going to be awards for those categories, all who enters will get recognized!
The rules for the photo contest are as follows:
1) The photo must be of your doll with nature. This includes photos taken around trees, flowers, the beach, and other things in nature.
2) Feature the picture on a blog post and then comment here with a link to it.
3) Use little to no editing on your photo. Text is fine but don't change the photo completely.
4) All entries must be in by Sunday the 25th at 11:59 p.m.
5) Have fun!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I hope many of you are able to enter. Happy Earth Day!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberty Jane Lavender Mint Tank

Sorry about not posting like I said I would yesterday. Sunny had to go to the mall to get a dress for her cousin's wedding so I decided I would wait 'til today. :)
Like I said a week ago, Sunny was going to try her hand at sewing. Unfortunately, her sewing machine (which is slightly old...) was broken so she had to sew the tank top by hand. Since this is basically her first time sewing I think I should cut her some slack but, I still have to say it's pretty pitiful.
She started out her shirt with a nice lavender fabric that she bought at Joanne's last summer for a project. I think this color looks really nice on Madi.
The pattern calls for more of a ribbed material but this worked out just fine.

After Sunny sewed the shirt, she added mint green ribbon to the shoulder parts of it. I really like the purple and green paired; I think it's a very pretty combination!
Since we had left over ribbon, we decided to tie the mint ribbon in Madi's hair for the photoshoot. All in all, Sunny is very proud of her shirt. You have to start somewhere, right? :)


Friday, April 16, 2010

My Life in Six Words

Inspired by Rose from *Roses are Read*...

A kindred spirit holding new perspectives.

Just me and no one else.

Follower of dreams, leader of life.

Outgoing with a taste of eccentric.

Alone at the desk, a writer.

Those are a few of some of the six-word memoirs I came up with in honor of Rose from Roses are Read.
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately! Life can get the best of you sometimes. I'm hoping for a nice long post tomorrow (it's the weekend... finally!), featuring the failure of a Liberty Jane tank top I made and more. :) Bye for now!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Couture Updates

I cannot believe that this blog has 40 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who is following and/or reading this blog. It means a lot. :) :) :)
Also, I am really sorry I haven't been that consistent with updating. This week has been so busy for me! Soccer practice Monday, guitar lessons Tuesday, soccer game on Wednesday, massive homework Thursday, and last night I had to go to a Spring Fling festival at our nearby church. But, (finally!), I have found the time to post!
On Monday, right before I was headed to soccer practice, Sunny noticed a white box on her doorstep. I went with her to investigate and discovered it was our... Melody Valerie Couture Sweet Darling Dress!!! It's so pretty and is made of absolutely stunning plaid fabric, and it came in only 2 days! Thanks so much, Melody Valerie Couture, we are very happy with this dress! Sunny decided it would be great for Gwen, but first she made Lanie model it for Chiffon & Lace. Once Lanie's done uploading those pictures and posts them on her blog, the dress will be going to Gwen! Lucky girl.
Here's a spoiler photo of the dress. Check Chiffon & Lace for an upcoming post featuring all the photos of it soon:
Last on my mini "list" of couture updates is... inspiration. Libby and Nicki, Brooke and Avery, and Starr and Rose have inspired Sunny to do something almost impossible for her to do. Sew. She is the worst sewer in the history of seamstresses, I am not even exaggerating. A few hours ago she downloaded a free Liberty Jane pattern book (ribbed tank top) and is going to pull out her old sewing machine. If the tank comes out anything remarkably close to Brooke's t-shirts or Starr's dress, she is going to be amazed! If it looks somewhat like a tank then she'll allow me to post a picture of it, but if it just looks like a total mess she'll probably be too embarrassed...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hiyah, everyone! Today is...


I want to wish all of you (even if you don't celebrate Easter) a fantastic day filled with lots of candy, lol.
Well, like every other year, we had our annual AG Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately, since both our front and back yards are smothered in pollen Sunny insisted that we have the hunt inside. I was a bit upset at first, but, once I saw all the candy and eggs hidden in our house, I wasn't in the least bit sad. I mean, candy's candy no matter where you find it!
So, a lot of the dolls came to participate including Noelle, Jane, Rebecca, Gwen, Chloe, Lanie, and others. We were all really excited to find the eggs!
"On your mark... get set... GO!"
And we were off.

I found a ton of eggs. Sunny said the girl with the most eggs would win a special prize. If you didn't already know this, I am very competitive. Very, VERY competitive. Just say the word "prize" and I am a totally different person.
After a good hour of searching for and collecting eggs, Sunny called the game to a close. Everyone counted their eggs and... I had 24, beating Gwen by two!
The prize was a plush blue bunny. I couldn't have been more thrilled; after all blue is my favorite color, you know. But, since Gwen seemed really upset about losing, I asked her if she wanted to share it with me, which she happily agreed to.

So that was my Easter! I had a lot of fun doing the egg hunt. What are some holiday traditions in your family???
Once again, hope everyone has a super day and...
Also, here is a link to Chloe and Lanie's blog: http://www.chiffonlacedolls.blogspot.com. There is also a link for their blog on the side bar. (If you didn't know about their new blog, see earlier post) :) :) :)


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Melody Valerie Spring Line and Big News

(photography by Marigold, editing by Sunny)

Yes, today is the day! The Melody Valerie Couture 2010 Spring Line came out and all of the dresses are utterly gorgeous. Sunny had $60 left over from her road trip so she decided to spend it on the Sweet Darling Dress (she fell in love with the pastel plaid). We cannot wait for the dress to arrive! I wonder who'll get it...
Remember how I said Chloe and Lanie wanted their own blog??? Well, Sunny has been considering the idea for awhile, thinking up the positives and negatives to having another doll with a blog. And, she decided that (if I was okay with it) Lanie and Chloe could have there own blog but, a. it won't be updated nearly as much as this one and b. it would be for basically only doll fashion.
Chloe, which you probably didn't know, LOVES clothing. She adores putting together outfits and modeling them. That's why she wanted a blog so much. To model and show her love of "doll couture". The new blog will be for modeling new outfits and clothing ONLY. As much as I hate the idea, I have to say that Chloe is being a good sport about it. As for Lanie being involved in the blog; well, Marigold, has been wanting to have one of her dolls be apart a blog for a while so I understand that.
The blog will debut tonight or tomorrow and I'll post with a link. Sunny promised me that the blog will only be updated every few weeks or longer so my blog will still be the main one. Do you think I'm being selfish about this?
Anyways, the blog is going to be called Chiffon & Lace: A Doll Fashion Blog By Chloe & Lanie. Chloe came up with the name because chiffon started with "C" like her name and lace started with "L" like Lanie.
So, as I said, the new blog will not be updated as much as mine (especially after it gets started) and it will most likely debut tonight or tomorrow.
Happy Spring, everyone, and happy almost-Easter! :)