Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Ballet

Julie, Noelle, Jane, Shannon, Piper, Gwen, and I had the clever idea to put on a special New Year's Eve ballet for the preschoolers this morning. Yesterday we decided who got what parts and rehearsed a few times. We chose the Nutcracker since it's festive, and I got the part of Clara!!! I didn't think I was much of a ballerina, but everyone (even the new girls, who I was surprised even wanted to do the show) thought I'd be perfect and that my dance skills were good enough.
Here is the list of dolls who participated and the roles they had:

Clara- Cali(me)
the Nutcracker- Julie
the Mouse King- Noelle
the Sugarplum Fairy- Piper
Ice Fairies- Jane, Shannon, and Gwen

To see the show click here! The preschoolers just loved the performance and it was a lot of fun. I think it was a great way to end the holiday season!

Anyways, as you all know, tonight at 12:00 am it will be the start of a new decade!!! The last time that happened Sunny was too young to remember. Since a new year and new decade will be starting, I have decided to post a few of my New Year's resolutions. Check 'em out!

1) I'm going to become a better guitarist and practice more often than I usually do.
2) I'm going to try to get outside more and eat healthier.
3) I'm going to get an A in Math, whatever it takes!
4) I'm going to stop biting my fingernails, something I constantly do. A very bad habit, as Sunny puts it.
5) And last but not least, I am going to continue writing on this blog as much as possible, no matter what!

I am determined to follow through with these resolutions! I hope to look back at these resolutions a year from now and be able to say that I've done all of them successfully.

Happy New Year!

(bonus pic of Lanie, girl of 2010 below!)
American Girl GOTY 2010 Lanie
This picture is from Doll Diaries. It is not mine!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sisters in Heart Environmental Challenge

The Sisters in Heart have started an environmental challenge, and I have gladly participated. Anyone who wants to participate must take photos of their doll(s) having fun or enjoying nature! Below are the photos Sunny has taken of me in our backyard, wearing my Christmas present, Ruthie's Play Outfit:
Thanks for looking at the photos! Happy holidays!


Monday, December 28, 2009

Meet Shannon

Hallo, Leute! Ich bin Shannon Rose Silber, und wie Sie sehen, ich bin Deutscher. Vor ein paar Tagen wurde ich in Polierte Platte Meadows School für Mädchen begrüßt und war unglücklich zu sehen, dass nicht alle an dieser Schule steht tatsächlich neue Puppen ...

Hello, everyone! I am Shannon Rose Silver, and, as you can see, I am German! A few days ago I was welcomed to Frosted Meadows School for Girls and was unhappy to see that not everyone at this school actually likes new dolls. Take this bossy girl, Nellie O'Malley for instance. She practically hated Piper, Felicity, and I (by the way, Piper & Felicity are the other new dolls who arrived here on Christmas, but you probably already knew that) and wanted us to go back to where we came from. No offense to Germany, but, well, I didn't plan on going back there ever again. There are more oppurtunities here for me in America... such as blogging for example! Not one of my girlfriends in Deutschland had a blog, not one!
Anyways, enough about that. My life story is much more important than going on and on about some snotty rich girl who loathes new dolls.

I was born on August 2nd, a cool, summery afternoon. My mother, Lucinda Schneider was a native German, but my father, Andy Silver was originally from Massachusetts here in the U.S.A. Dad was on a national tour with the Boston Symphony when he met my mom at a concert in Berlin. Dad is a professional cellist, and I someday hope to follow in his footsteps (more about that later!). Mom fell in love with the way he enjoyed music and played to the best of his ability. My mother shared the same passion with music as he did, although she was a singer at a local eatery in downtown Berlin and a guitarist in a folk-music band. The two talked over a few cups of coffee and eventually fell in love. They were married a year later, and only a year after that I was born! My father didn't plan on having a child, but he was thrilled nonetheless. The day my mother found out she was with child, Dad promised that he would teach me all he knew about music and the cello. Daddy kept his promise. At age 3, I was playing scales on my cello and playing easy songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb". At age 5, I was at a more intermediate level. By 9, I had played in two different professional symphonies in Berlin. At age 11, Dad decided I needed a challenge since I was one of the best young cellists in the country and Mom heartily agreed, despite her fears of being away from me. They found a perfect orchestra for me in Florida, and they found a boarding school only a half an hour away from it. He called up, there was a spot in the school, and only three months later, here I am, at the school and soon to be playing in the famous Frosted Meadows Orchestra. Although I greatly miss my parents, I am so thrilled to be here!

And that's my life.

As for my interests, you already know that I LOVE playing the cello, but I do like other things. Like chocolate, for example! I am a genuine chocoholic, no lie. White chocolate, dark, milk, you name it, I love it all. I also enjoy ballroom dancing, which I've been taking lessons for for over a year now at a dance academy in Germany. I'm not that good but I don't exactly stink. I have competed in a few beginner competitions, but I haven't gotten first place in any (or second, for that matter...). But my motto is "never give up" so I don't plan on quitting.

Leisure activities are rare in my hectic life but, when (and if!) I have any free time, you can find me snuggled up on a comfy chair reading a book preferably by Charles Dickens, my favorite author. Great Expectations has got to be the best book he has written!

Coming to a new place, let alone a new country, can be tough but, somehow, writing my feelings down in this blog helps take the stress away. Thanks for listening to my little biography; I hope I can post again soon!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meet Piper

Wow, this is so cool! I can't believe I'm typing on a BLOG! Thanks for letting me make a post, Cali.

Well, sorry about that. I was getting a little carried away with the whole blogging thing. My name is Piper Diana Cassidy, and I'm one of two (three if you count Marigold's new doll, Felicity) new girls here at FMSG. I am so excited to be here... even though yesterday sort of came off to a bad start. As you all probably know, Nellie O'Malley isn't the nicest girl here. She's actually pretty nasty. She has this wanna-be friend, Rebecca, who does whatever she says, and together they cause chaos and havoc throughout the school. When we (and by "we" I mean Shannon, Felicity, and I) first arrived Nellie and Rebecca acted like we had some disease. They wouldn't come near us and they told us to go back to where we came from, which in my case is San Francisco, California. It was really mean and it hurt my feelings a lot. But, Madison, who was very welcoming, said that Nellie is rude to just about everyone who doesn't do what she says. And, from what I am seeing, that's pretty much everyone at FMSG.

Anyways, enough of that! Time to learn a little more about me. I was born in Malibu, California on March 13th. I was the first child my parents had had and they were thrilled upon my arrival. We were a happy family of three for four years and then my mom became pregnant yet again. Two months after my 5th birthday, Mom had her second daughter, Paulette Cassidy. I immediately loved my sister and we became close the day my mother came home from the hospital. But, sadly, financial problems took over my family and my parents fought day after day over bills, loans, rents... anything that had to do with money. A year after Paulette's birth my parents filed for a divorce. Paulette and I moved to San Francisco with my mom and Dad stayed in Malibu with our Westie, Coconut. I barely saw my father, maybe twice a year. By now, our family was split in two. Then, miraculously, Mom met a man named Harvey Johnson when I was 9 and Paulette was only 4. Harvey was a nice man and he treated my mother well. Paulette kept calling him "Daddy" since she had barely any contact with her real father. Eventually, Harvey did become her father figure. Harvey proposed to my mom on New Year's Eve 2009, almost a year ago, and Mom said "YES!". They were scheduled to be married in April, right after my 12th birthday and right before Paulette's 7th birthday. After the two "tied the knot" and went on a honey moon in Fiji, Mom realized she was pregnant AGAIN and this time with a boy! The baby is due in late January and Mom has been uber excited. Too excited. Since she was going to be so busy handling Paulette and my new brother she decided (with help from Harvey and myself) that it would be best if I go to an all girls' school where I could relax and have fun, rather than stay with them and be all stressed out over baby stuff. And that's how I got to here, Frosted Meadows School for Girls.
I know, I know, it's a pretty complicated story, but it's my story and although parts of it are sad, I'm happy how it has turned out so far. My mom and sister are happy, and so am I! That's all that matters, right?

Since you now know my complete life story I think I should tell you a bit about my interests and "personality". A lot of people describe me as an athlete since I *heart* softball and practically worship the Tampa Bay Rays. I was so mad when they lost the World Series, a year back. =( Also, I live for the beach! Growing up in California, that wasn't much of a problem, and now coming here to Florida I don't think it will be, either. I like surfing, but I'm more of a swimmer. I just love relaxing in the ocean and letting my cares float away...
My absolute favorite food is sushi, California rolls, especially. You just have to try those- DELICIOUS!!! My dad introduced me to sushi when I was only 3 so I'm pretty much an expert. As for my favorite color, it has to be a tie between green and bright, bright, yellow. Odd combo, yes, but super cute colors, in my opinion! Also, I have to say my favorite movie (don't laugh!) is Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: When Nature Calls. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

So, that's me. I feel kind of weird letting out all my feelings and ideas on the computer, but, oddly enough, it feels sort of nice; like a weight has lifted off my shoulders! Thanks for listening to my endless rant. Bye!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Surprises

Hi, Cali here! Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and spending time with friends and family. I know I am!

This morning Sunny got a few American Girl items...including two new JLY dolls!!!!!!!!!! Piper Diana Cassidy is shown below:
She's JLY #37 and she looks quite a bit like my older sister, Mia. Piper seemed very nice, spunky, and athletic when I first met her. I hope we can be great friends!

Shannon Rose Silver, JLY #48, was the other new girl. She seemed like the exact opposite of Piper. Shannon seemed book-smart, sophisticated, and the kind of girl who doesn't like to break a nail. She did seem nice, though! I'm guessing Piper and Shannon are best friends by the way they whispered and giggled together under the Christmas tree.
Sunny's other big gift was a Melody Valerie dress, the Statement in Taffeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's such a beautiful piece of couture and even the packaging was elegant and magical! The dress is very beautifully made and of great quality. Thanks everyone at Melody Valerie Couture! We absolutely love this dress. :-)
Piper and Shannon will be posting either tomorrow or Sunday about their lives and personalities. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Christmas and has a happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

I sounded like Jolly Old St. Nick there for a second! :-)
Hope everyone is having a great time enjoying holiday festivities and spending time with family. Christmas is on its way!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tagged by Lola!

List 7 songs your into right now. . .
1. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
2. Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses
3. It's a Marshmallow World
4. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
5. the Christmas Song
6. Baby, It's Cold Outside
7. (the only one that isn't holiday-themed!) Party in the U.S.A.

What car do you want when your older????
A lime-green convertible!

Where do you want to live when you grow older???
Right here in Florida, probably. I just love the sunny weather and the beaches are amazing. I can't imagine living anywhere else. :-)

Where do you want to go to college???
University of Central Florida... if they accept dolls' applications...

How many siblings do you have????
I have 2 siblings, my oldest sister, Mia (she's 13), and my twin sister, Elizabeth. We were separated at birth and we finally were able to meet each other over Thanksgiving Break back in November. Elizabeth is staying with Sunny for a while so we have had a lot of time to get to know each other this past month.

How many children do you want when you grow up????

Boy or Girls???
A boy and a girl.

City Girl or Country Girl???
Ooh... that's a tricky one. Both?

Flying or Driving??????
I hate, hate, HATE airplanes. They make me feel super queasy, so, in that case, I'd have to pick driving.

Biking or Swimming????
Biking, totally.

Sort of. I love soccer!

Books or movies?????
I like both a ton. I don't know if I can choose.

Schools or chores????
School! Being with my friends beats being with a pile of dirty laundry or dishes.

Inside or outside?????
Outside, I love exploring nature and the outdooors.

Wednesday or Sunday?????
Sunday since there's no school!

Friends or Family??????

Fried or Scrambled eggs????
Scrambled eggs are my favorite :-)

Pancakes or cereal?????
Depends on the type of cereal. Cap'n'Crunch definitely beats pancakes, in my opinion!

Big meal or something small?????
Big, please.

Movie or T.V. show???
Movie! Better special effects.

Favorite thing to do outside????
Explore! I enjoy looking for certain plants and trees in my big backyard, as well as having fun with friends in my treehouse.

Favorite meal???
Pizza with black olives is my absolute favorite dish! I know it may sound gross but believe me it is utterly delicious.

Place to read a good book???
My porch. It's so sunny and calming. I can really get into a book if I'm reading from out there!

Favorite vegetable????
Well, I'm not a big fan of veggies, but, if I had to pick, I would say carrots.

Where do you want to live when you graduate???
Florida. I want to live here in Florida forever!

What time of day do you like best???
Evening. I love the sky at night!

What is your favorite flower????
Orchids. They are absolutely stunning flowers!

Do you like Writing????
Yes! Of course!

What is your favorite month????
December... Christmas time!

Do you like adventure????
Oh, yes.

Do you collect anything??? If so, what do you collect????
I collect mini Breyer horses. I have about 10. They are so much fun to play with!

Do your grandparents live near you????
Yeah, they live in the same house!

Are you bored of this???
No way! I'm actually sort of sad it's over...

Mia (Sisters in Heart)

Have fun with these questions!

Merry Christmas :-)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caroling, caroling, through the snow...

...Christmas bells are ringing!

It's so hard to believe Christmas is only 3 measly days away! In 72 hours Christmas music will be ringing through the house, relatives will be dropping by with brightly-wrapped gifts, smells will be bursting from the kitchen...

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year!

Anyways, last night I went caroling with my school Christmas Choir. We all had so much fun, and we even raised quite a lot of money for the FMSG Music Department. I can't wait to do the program again next year!
All the carolers had to wear their FMSG Field Trip uniforms when they went caroling. I hated mine!
"Hark! The herald angels sing, glory to the new born king! Peace on Earth..."

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Downtown Disney Photos Are Here!

Jane here! This is my first (and most likely only) time I've written on Cali's blog. Thanks for letting me post, Cali! Anyways, this morning I got back from my mini-trip at Downtown Disney. I had a fabulous time!
Here is a short summary of what we did:

We checked into our hotel room.
Then we went shopping! I totally wanted these boots :)
And, of course, we ate at Planet Hollywood. This was the dress Judy Garland wore in her role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Isn't that cool?
After that we walked around some more and shopped some more. I posed for a pic with Mr. Potato Head.
Before we left for the hotel, Sunny's parents got everyone hot cocoa...yumilicous!
Back at our room, Sunny surprised me with a stuffed animal that I named Peaches. It was my early Christmas gift!

For more pictures of my trip, click here. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Downtown Disney

Tomorrow Jane is going to Downtown Disney with Sunny, Marigold, and their parents to finish up some Christmas shopping. They'll be staying the whole day at Downtown Disney and overnight at a Disney hotel and will be taking lots and lots of pictures of the magical holiday decorations. Since I'll be at a holiday sleepover tomorrow I was unable to tag along to the trip. It's okay, though, since I'm the only doll (other than Victoria) who has gone already. Expect a post of their holiday trip on Sunday night or Monday!

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

(from the desk of Cali Hazelwood)

Dear Santa,
I'm Callista Marie Hazelwood, a.k.a Cali. I am probably your biggest fan ever (No, I am not trying to persuade you to put me on the Nice List, I'm being truthful). Christmas is my most favorite time of the year and I would just like to thank you for helping to spread the joy. If you're looking for a new head elf I am definitely someone to consider! Anyway, I was hoping you might be able to leave me a few things on Christmas Eve such as a Rebecca mini doll, a Breyer Stablemates horse to add to my ongoing collection, and a Melody Valerie Couture dress. If it would be possible, I would also like you to bring Elizabeth, who may be here during the holidays, her own special gift. I know she would appreciate it! Thank you again, Mr. Claus, for all the past gifts. You (jingle bell) rock!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Love, Cali***

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Red & Green

Only 13 days left and only 5 school days until Christmas! Sunny and I are counting the days, hours, even minutes, until that joyous day! I feel like bursting into a Christmas carol right about now... LOL!
On another note, the last day of the Secret Santa gift exchange was yesterday, and I had a ton of fun! Gwen couldn't believe that her Secret Santa was me. And, believe it or not, Elizabeth wasn't my Secret Santa. She had Emily. My Secret Santa was Noelle! She said she made her handwriting look like Elizabeth's to keep me off the scent, and it did work! I hope we can do Secret Santa next year, too.

Anyways, today Sunny had a red and green photo shoot with her sister's doll, Emily. The pictures are posted below:

(The text on this last picture is hard to see but it'll show up better if you enlarge it, I think)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Updates

Hi! It's Cali. Today was a shortened day at my school and the fourth day of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Tomorrow I'll be able to tell Gwen that I'm her Secret Santa and confirm that Elizabeth was mine!Also, Sunny has decided to do a Secret Santa thing with her friends, which includes Maggie. She won't let me say who she has since her friends check this blog constantly... but, anyways, whoever she has is going to be totally surprised!
Besides all this Secret Santa stuff, I've been participating in the school Christmas Choir. This year we're doing songs like "O Little Town of Bethlehem", "Sleigh Ride", "Silent Night", "Angels We Have Heard on High", "The Holly and the Ivy", and my personal favorite, "Holly Jolly Christmas"! It's very fun! Jane and Noelle are doing it with me, as well as Elizabeth, who takes voice lessons at her school. We're going on our first caroling walk on Saturday. Yay!
Anyways, I just wanted to keep you all updated. More posts soon! Oh, I almost forgot; here are some more holiday portraits!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Monday, December 7, 2009

On the first day of Christmas...

Okay, it isn't exactly the first day of Christmas, but it is the first day of the week-long Secret Santa gift exchange! :-)Amazingly, I was able to pick out good gifts for Gwen and make her a beautiful card, which I secretively stuck in her locker this morning. The card was made of red construction paper, silver and gold glitter, and Christmas stickers Sunny picked up at Michael's a few days ago. I have a good feeling she liked it!
As for my Secret Santa, I'm pretty sure it's Elizabeth. After all, I could easily see her curly handwriting, even though she was trying desperately to disguise it. The card she made me was really pretty, pink with silver snowflakes painted on the front, and the words "Let It Snow!" seemed to dance across the paper. Even though Elizabeth and I have only known we're twins for a week or so, we seem to know each other like the backs of our hands!
Since the holiday season is well upon us, I have decided to post Noelle's Christmas portrait below:
More updates on the Secret Santa soon!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Secret Santa- Part 2

Yesterday, before we left school, Senora Montoya stopped us at the door to pick our person for the Secret Santa gift exchange out of a hat. I reached my hand in the Santa hat and pulled out a slip of paper : GWEN THOMPSON. Okay, I was thinking, I know Gwen pretty well. And I do. But as soon as I started thinking about what to get her for each day my mind drew a blank. Gwen and I have talked and we hang out a lot on weekends, but, well, we aren't as close as I am with Elizabeth or Noelle or Jane or even Madi. I needed help...but from who? We aren't allowed to share our person with anyone (even though I have a good idea who Elizabeth has!). So I've decided to be extra friendly to Gwen over this weekend and make sure I have enough information to be the best Secret Santa possible! Tonight I've scheduled a study session with Gwen in my dorm. Hopefully, I'll be able to get to know Gwen a little better. :-) Bye!!!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secret Santa

Hi, everyone, it's me, Cali! I am nearly jumping with joy at this moment because...

our school is doing a "Secret Santa" gift exchange! Tomorrow we'll be drawing names. You have to get little, inexpensive gifts for whoever you draw. Anyways, each day you have to stick a different type of gift in that person's locker, but you can't give any clues to who you may be.

*On Monday you must give your person a homemade Christmas card.

*On Tuesday you must give your person a holiday treat like a gingerbread cookie or a candy cane.

*On Wednesday you must give your person an inexpensive ornament.

*On Thursday you must give your person a little gift of your choice, under $5.

*On Friday, you must give your person a bit more expensive of a gift, such as a scarf or something like that.

I'm really excited to see who I draw. Since Elizabeth, my twin, is visiting us shell also be participating in the exchange. It's going to be so much fun! :-)
PS- Happy December!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Babysitting Bitty Belle

Hi, everyone! Today is the last day of November, which means.......... Christmas is on its way! It's been so much fun having Elizabeth here with me during this exciting holiday season. We've done a bunch of fun things together, such as babysitting Marigold's Bitty Belle. Belle is a Bitty Baby that is the most adorable thing in the universe. Marigold had to go x-mas shopping yesterday afternoon so she hired Elizabeth and I to watch her. She barely even cried! Belle is such a sweet little girl. :-)
After we fed her and burped her, it was off to bed for the baby. Elizabeth has such a great voice; she was able to sing a lullaby to lure Belle to sleep. Once Belle was snug as a bug in her crib, Elizabeth and I played a game of Uno. Then Marigold came back home with Sunny and Grandma, and she paid us each $5. I'm going to save my money until I have enough to get gifts for my family.

Oops, look at the time! I better get going...I have quite a bit of homework to finish up!


Friday, November 27, 2009

My Twin, Elizabeth Currington

Hey, everyone! Right now I am at Elizabeth's school, where I met all of Elizabeth's friends and Sunny's best friend, Maggie. Everybody was very welcoming...well, except Marisol. She reminded me of someone I know... (hint: think Nellie!)

Anyways, you won't believe what I just found out; Elizabeth is my twin!!! We look exactly alike and we both like the same things. She loves acting and is very outgoing, just like me. Can you tell who is who?

Maggie and Sunny decided that Elizabeth could become a traveling doll and visit me for a while. I just know we are going to have a blast together! Sunny will be making an album of Elizabeth's visit on her Picasa soon. It will be great!

On another note, Elizabeth and I played some dress-up with Marisol's boas. She was not very excited about this, though. Here are some pictures of our fun:

Elizabeth in PINK!


Cali + Elizabeth = Best Friends!
with Elizabeth :-)
P.S.-Elizabeth has an older sister, Mia, so that means I have 2 sisters!!! Maggie & Sunny said that Elizabeth and I were seperated at birth and taken to different homes. :-( Mia was already with Maggie by then. Sorry, I just felt like I needed to mention this.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving! Right now I'm watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, in my opinion! Tomorrow I'm going to see Elizabeth and her person, Maggie. Hope everyone has a great holiday, and eats lots of turkey :-) Bye!


Monday, November 23, 2009

A Letter From Elizabeth

Thanksgiving is almost here! Yum! I just adore Grandma's cooking. This year we're having Thanksgiving at our house so a lot of preparations are being made. I hope Grandma will let me help make the pumpkin pie!
Anyways, yesterday I got a letter from Sunny's friend, Maggie's doll, Elizabeth. We are going over to Maggie's soon to meet her dolls, but I've never actually met Elizabeth or even spoken to her so the letter was a complete surprise. Here's what the letter said:

Dear Cali,
I am so excited to meet you! I've been reading your blog and I'm really curious to meet you, as well as your other friends. I think you have met Mia St. Clair before, but I think that's it. We go to a school called Parkington Performing Arts Academy, or PPA, a school that focuses on things like dancing, singing, acting, and music. I go there for mainly singing purposes since I one day would like to travel the world on a singing tour! Maggie told me you are into the performing arts, too. That's so cool! I think we'll have a lot in common, Cali. I can't wait to see you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Currington :-)

From the letter, I think Elizabeth will be very nice. Maggie says that Elizabeth is very much like me...
Hope everyone is having a great Monday morning! More updates soon :-)


Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Today was the last day of the Fall Food Drive (we collected 2700 cans TOTAL!) and also the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break. I had a huge exam today, and I'm really glad that's over with. Now I can enjoy my break...even though I won't be relaxing often.
I have a LOT of things planned next week, such as:

1) I'm going to see "New Moon"! Yay! I love Twilight. I have read all of the books!!!
2) We're going Christmas shopping on Monday. Sunny always has to get gifts early.
3) On Tuesday we are putting our plastic Christmas tree up! It's a tradition for us to have our tree up on Thanksgiving.
4) Jane has invited me to a Thanksgiving party at her house on Thursday. It's going to be so much fun. Here's the invitation she gave out:
So that's my schedule. I hope to get as much R&R as possible, but who really can? The holiday season is always the busiest time of the year, according to my family. Happy Thanksgiving! More updates soon :-)

PS- Here's a cute picture of Sunny's pups. The black one is Finn, and the tan one is Gus.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Must-Reads!

Emily and I have collected a grand total of 300 cans so far. Hopefully we'll collect at least 200 more during the next two days. If so, then (if the other groups collected 500, too) we will have met our goal of 2000 cans. I can't wait to see how the people we're donating the cans to will react when we bring them all those delicious food items. Emily and I volunteered to go to the shelter with Mrs. Devon and pass out the cans.

Anyways, the holidays are fast approaching, and winter is nearly here. Emily and I thought it would be fun to give you a list of our top 5 favorite holiday books. Enjoy!
#5: Felicity's Surprise by Valerie Tripp
Felicity is invited to the governor's palace for a Christmas ball. Unfortunately, her mother is too ill to make her a gown. Will Felicity be able to go to the ball and wear a beautiful dress? Find out in Felicity's Surprise!

#4: Little House Christmas Treasury by Laura Ingalls Wilder
A collection of holiday stories from Laura and her family. All stories are actual excerpts from the original Little House on the Prairie book series.

#3: Kirsten's Surprise by Janet Shaw
Kirsten goes with her father to pick up her special trunk. She and her cousins also plan a Swedish surprise!

#2: Molly's Surprise by Valerie Tripp
Molly misses her father a lot. She thinks that this Christmas will be completely different with him away. She's right, but not entirely. A special surprise greets her on Christmas morning that is almost just as good.

#1: On Christmas Eve by Ann M. Martin
Tess really wants to meet Santa, so she decides to stay awake and see him for herself at the time of enchantment, midnight on Christmas Eve.

I hope these summaries gave you a good idea of what these fun, thrilling, and enchanted stories are about. Happy reading! :-)

Cali*** and ^Emily^

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Yep, the holiday season is fast approaching! Stores are filled with Christmas displays and television is loaded with those cheesy holiday commercials. Even though it's super hectic, I can't help but LOVE the November and December months. They're just so much fun!

Anyway, today was the first day of the Fall Food Drive. We collected approximately 350 cans today; not bad for the first day. Hopefully, we'll get more cans tomorrow! Emily has been opening up to me. She was really shy at the beginning, but now we're actually talking and cooperating together. Today we went to the nearby elementary school and collected cans from there. Then we went around the adjacent neighborhoods and asked for donations. Not many people were home, but those that were donated at least 1 can, which was very helpful of them.

With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, school has been pretty relaxed. We didn't have much homework tonight (YAY!) and tomorrow my friend Molly says there might be none! All the teachers seem to be doing in class is fall and Thanksgiving crafts, recipes, and movies. I do like school, but, well...who doesn't like watching movies more than solving a bunch of algebra problems?

I hope all of you are having a great week! Happy Thanksgiving :-)