Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time Traveling With Kirsten- Part 1

Today Jane, Lauren and Rachelle we
nt to the mall. They invited moi but instead I decided to stay at home and read a Harry Potter book. As soon as I thought I had Sunny's room to myself Kirsten and Madi barged in wearing... pioneer clothes!?! "What on Earth is going on?" I wondered, suspiciously. "Kirsten invited me to go time traveling to the 1800's with her!" Madi exclaimed excitedly. "Oh, ok," I said looking at Kirsten. "As long as you guys are back b
y dinner." "We will," agreed Kirsten. "This is going to be so much fun!" I waved goodbye and then the two vanished into thin air...

"Are we here?" Madi asked. 
"Yes," Kirsten said, grinning. "Isn't it beautiful?" 
"Um, it looks like we're still in Sunny
's room..." Madi admitted. 
"We aren't!" Kirsten shouted. "Do you see Cali? Noelle? Julie?" 
"," Madi said. 
"See?" Kirsten spread her arms out and beamed. "Welcome to 1854!"

Suddenly, a girl dressed in Native-American threads walked towards Madi and Kirsten. "This is my Indian friend, Kaya," Kirsten said. "Kaya, Madi. Madi, Kaya." 
Madi and Kaya waved to each other. "This is Claw, my bear cub friend," Kaya said. Madi and Kirsten petted Claw's head. "His parents have disappeared and I'm out looking for them."
 "Awww," Kirsten cooed. "Poor thing." (Did I mention she has a soft spot for animals?) 
"We'll help you find them!" Madi exclaimed, looking at Kirsten. "Right, Kirsten?" 
"Of course!" Kirsten agreed. 
Kaya's eyes glowed. "Great! Hurry! I saw some pawprints in the dirt by the creek..."

To be continued........ ;-)

Cali*** (the all powerful story teller!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sleepover

The sleepover was last night and you guys won't believe what happened. Read this to find out!

"Hi," I said, quietly as I entered the room. Jane waved but Lauren and Rachelle didn't say a word. Already the sleepover had a rocky start.
"How about we put on our pj's and you can play the song you've been working on for jazz club, Cali," Jane suggested. I agreed, shyly.
Once everyone was settled, I strummed the first few chords for "Best of Both Worlds". It actually sounded okay.
"You're...good!" said Rachelle, sounding somewhat amazed.
"Yeah," Lauren said, smiling weakly. I couldn't help but feel flattered. Maybe they weren't snobs after all...
After that, we all decided to play dolls. I told everyone that my Julie doll is my prized possession. Rachelle said she felt the same way about her Kirsten.
Lauren said Kit was her first doll but she also has Molly, Felicity and Samantha.
Then we decided to prank call Sunny with the Doll Phone. I've done it at lots of sleepovers so Sunny is used to it.
I dialed her cell phone number.
Jane showed me how to put it on speaker. "Hello?" a voice said. It was Sunny. We immediately hung up and then burst into giggles!
It was getting late so we all got in Sunny's enormous bed and watched Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, one of my favorite movies/books.
Before the movie ended, we were all fast asleep.
The next morning I was the first one up. Before I awoke the others, I thought to myself that I had been wrong about Lauren and Rachelle. They really were nice and I had a lot of things in common with them!

I hope you liked the photo story. I can't believe how things turned out. I guess I just needed to really get to know Lauren and Rachelle!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging Hot Topics

Hi, Cali here. I can't believe what just happened...I'm speechless! Lauren, Rachelle and Jane invited me to a sleepover in Jane's room tonight. And I said I would go! I didn't want to sound rude and refuse so I sighed and said, "what time?" I'm hoping this wasn't the worst decision of my life but when I told Noelle and Madison my problem they said it was. They didn't particularly like Lauren and Rachelle either, though.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to change the subject to something more cheerful and fun... doll couture! I have been reading all these blog entries about doll couture and I'm hooked!!! I'm trying to get Sunny to buy me something from Melody Valerie or Terri's Touch but she says she needs to save up for Rebecca Rubin. Even though her birthday is a month away, she doubts her parents are gonna buy her that. I guess I'll have to wait...

Another blogging "hot topic" is the McDonald's vs. American Girl boycott. I really think that AG shouldn't have promoted their high-qulity, role model dolls through McDonald' is super unhealthy, you know! But it would be cool to just see what the toys are like. Usually those McDonald's toys are cheesy and badly made. Sunny doesn't think she should stop buying from AG, though but she might not go to McDonald's for a while.


PS: Thanks to my followers and commenters! I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about my blog!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Look whose here ;-(

Remember how in my previous entry I said some of Jane's friends from New York City were coming in a couple days? Well, they did and I don't like them one bit! All day yesterday Jane just hung out with them and ignored all the rest of us. Rachelle (the one that resembles Sam Parkington quite a bit) and Lauren (the one that looks almost like Molly McIntire without her glasses) seem stuck-up and snobby. I said "hi" and they didn't even rude! I just hope they don't stay too long. I don't think I can handle them for more than 3 days without going crazy. No joke!

I can't believe Jane was friends with those girls, they aren't like sweet, cheerful Jane at all. I told Jane they were mean last night and she said they were probably just tired from all that traveling but I, Callista Marie Hazelwoood, wasn't so sure. But we'll see what happens today. 

Uh-oh! Rachelle and Lauren are coming!!! Gotta go!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Try-Outs Were Today!

Yep, Noelle and I were put on Coach Potter's team and we had to try-out. I was a nervous wreck all day, waiting and hoping that I'd make the team. At 2 o'clock we found out! And Noelle and I both were in!!!!!!! I was assigned goalie (no surprise there!) and Noelle was assigned right forward. We celebrated with ice-cream later and then practiced in Noelle's huge backyard. The first practice is on Monday night so we decided it was best to prepare this weekend instead of cram all the practice in on Monday morning/afternoon. 

On another note, I got another horse for my model horse collection and I named him Polka Dotz! He is so cute! Also, guitar has been going well--I actually think I'm pretty good... but I don't want to brag or anything, right? Speaking of braggers, Jane's friends from NYC are visiting Frosted Meadows soon and she can't stop talking about them. It's getting kind of annoying actually...

Before I end this post I want to thank all of you who have commented on my site! I love to read comments (and write them!) so I'm glad a few of you have written them here!!!

Your happy, happy, HAPPY friend,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Have You Met Lulu?

This is something I don't think I've mentioned on any of my previous blog entries... my two favorite animals are cats and llamas! When I told Sunny this she laughed and said I should make a virtual llama or cat. I agreed! It was fun making Lulu the Llama and it's cool that she can live on my blog, too. Plus, she's my blue--have YOU ever seen a blue llama??? I didn't think so! He he he.


Photo Shoot

To keep my mind off the Coach Potter Try-Outs, Sunny suggested a photo shoot. I agreed and put on my favorite outfit ever. Even Jane and Noelle participated. It was actually fun and Sunny said she got a lot of good shots of me in the outfit. Hopefully, it did take my mind off photo shoots--even for only 30 minutes or so. I still can't believe he's having try-outs. We never had them before. Well, I'm really sorry about all this worrying...Sunny says I tend to be somewhat of a worry wart about certain things (soccer being one of them). Okay, hope you liked the pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soccer, Guitar And Harry Potter...Continued

I cannot believe what rumor has been floating around FMSG! Kids are saying that Coach Potter is saying that he needs to have try-outs for the team since there are too many players. Now I am freaking out. I mean I am the best goalie but I can get pretty nervous at try-outs, auditions--stuff like that. Oh, boy. I better start practicing my moves if I want to be on the team! Adios!

Soccer & Random Stuff

OMG!!! Noelle and I went outside today and played a short scrimmage to get ready for summer soccer in August. Hopefully, we'll be on Coach Mae's team because if not we'll have stinkin' Coach Potter (the meanest soccer coach at FMSG). But rumors have been floating around about him...I'll have to talk around and see what it's all about.

On another note, guitar! I practiced for at least two hours last night and I can play the entire first part like a pro! Miss Emily is going to be SO impressed next Wednesday. Hopefully, if I can get the rest of the song Miss Emily will let me move on to a jazz song! Oh, yeah, Jane wanted me to say that she can play her WHOLE song perfectly. Sometimes Jane brags a little bit too much.

And last but most certainly not least... the new Harry Potter movie! I am going to see it tonight with Sonny and Madison. I just cannot wait. As you might already know, I LOVE all of the Harry Potter movies and most of the books. My favorite character is Hermione, she totally reminds me of myself! We both have super curly hair, are kind of tomboyish and we both our wizards. Okay...maybe I'm not a real wizard but I sure wish I was!


PS: I really want followers! Please, please, please be one! I promise I will entertain you with lots of funny entries!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jazz Club

Jane, one of my good friends at FMSG, said the Summer Jazz Program at our school is the best Jazz Club ever! I know I'll be taking soccer and tennis but I sort of want to try this "jazz program". I mean, if Jane's doing it, it has to be fun! I asked Jane what instruments you can play at Jazz Club and she said she's doing the saxophone but guitar, trombones and trumpets are just a few of the other instruments available to play, too. Hmm, this got my little doll head thinking. Julie used to take guitar lessons so she has a genuine guitar that she doesn't really use...what if I asked her if I could use it for the Summer Jazz Program??? Well, I did ask her and she said "of course, Cali!" and now I am officially signed up for Beginning Jazz with Jane. The classes are every Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. So I had my first class today! The teacher, Miss Emily, was VERY nice; I messed up these chords like 20 times and she didn't even yell at me like my soccer coach would if I kicked a ball that went over the goal once or twice. She says that guitar is a tricky instrument and I should just practice. The song I am working on is "Best of Both Worlds" by none other than my fave singer and TV actress, Hannah Montana. Once I nail this song, Miss Emily is going to teach me a jazz song that the other jazz members are going to play as well. I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello, AG Fans!

Yay!!! I can't believe I have my own blog!!! My classmate Noelle has her own on my website but I can barely even fathom that Sunny said I could have one, too. Well, before I start blogging away I want all you readers to know who I, Cali Hazelwood, am. I am an AG #21 Today Doll that loves traveling, writing, playing sports (especially soccer!) and taking canoeing lessons at the local rec. center with my person, Sunny. I go to a school called Frosted Meadows School For Girls and I recently went to California. My biggest wish/want is a kitten but Sunny is always saying we can't get one because of Noelle's alllergies...(tear). A doll can dream can't she??? I'm new to the whole blogging thing so bear with me but I'm sure I'll be writing blogs like a pro in no time. Now that you know moi, it's time for you to meet my classmates:

Vicki::: She's probably my shyest sister but that doesn't stop her from expressing herself! Vicki loves to write poems or short stories about herself and her feelings. Many of us here adore her sensitivity and her calmness. Vicki is 12 years old and the oldest girl at FMSG.

Jane::: Jane is a cheerful, bright doll with a great sense of humor. She can almost always be found with Noelle or Vicki. Many students at FMSG nicknamed Jane "the peace maker" because she always seems to be solving problems through talking.

Noelle::: She's the most likely to become a multi-million $$$ superstar. With her killer dance moves, great voice and outgoing attitude, it's obvious why the theatre club practically begs her to join each year. Noelle is the whole package!

Madison::: My BFF. We do everything together which isn't that surprising since we both were purchased from AG on the same day. Madison is my polar opposite. I'm more of the tomboy while Madi is the head-on girly girl. Together we rock n roll!

Julie::: She's the enviromentalist, hippie we all know and love!

Others- Sam Parkington, Nellie O'Malley, Kirsten Larson, Elizabeth Cole
JSYK, I will be the only doll to post on this blog, usually. I may allow somebody else to post if necessery.