Sunday, June 27, 2010


C is for caring to people and animals alike.
A is for always trying to do her best no matter what the circumstances.
L is for lucky to have such good friends who like her for who she is.
L is for letting her true personality shine through.
I is for intelligent when it comes to people and school.
S is for successful in all of her adventures.
T is for truthful to one and all.
A is for an American Girl.

That was just a short poem I wrote using my name. I thought it would be fun to make! :D Hope everyone is having a great summer.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunny at the Barn

Sorry about not posting too frequently even though I said I would. Unfortunately, even though school is out we've still been busy doing various things like Sunny spending the night at friends' house, then at her grandparents', and then Chloe's exciting trip to Homosassa Springs (pictures soon!). But, I have found time to POST!!!!
Anyways, like I said, Sunny spent the night at her friends' Haley and Annie's house. As usual, they went to the barn where Haley and Annie both ride. Sunny had super duper fun and took TONS of photos. Here are just a few:
H and A's horsey!

Her nose. :)

The much-loved "barn kitty" who Sunny said calls these stables home chills in a plastic chair.

Sunny on H and A's horse. She wanted me to write that she looks terrible and is sorry but that's sort of what you wear when you are at the barn, lol. xD

Sorry that this post is slightly on the short and off-topic side but I promise to post pictures from Homosassa later this week. Bye!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Girl

Yes, weird as it is there's a new girl here on FMSG campus. She looks quite like my long distance sister, Mia, but she says she's different. Her name is Mia, too, and she's quite the character, if I do say so myself. She walked into the cafeteria and sat down right next to me, introducing herself this afternoon at lunch. "Hi, I'm Mia," she said, smiling.
"Uh, hi, the name's Cali," I replied as I reached for my sub sandwich and started chewing.
"I just moved here from Colorado. I'm starting 7th grade next year here," Mia told me, grinning.
Then she started telling me about her pet yorkshire terrier, Sugar, and her stuffed walrus, Miko. She seems really nice and an awesome person to talk to. She's very peppy though, which can sort of be annoying sometimes.
Anyways, I can't believe another doll has moved here! I think Sunny's at her limit, lol. Mia says that her previous "person" was Sunny's BFF and she no longer wanted her. Then Mia told me that her "person" asked Sunny if she would like her. Sunny agreed since a Mia doll was what she wanted for her birthday in September. And that was that. Today Mia came for good!
I guess having a new girl here at Frosted Meadows isn't that bad. Maybe it could lead to some new adventures, hmmm?


Sunday, June 13, 2010

My New Bedroom

With summer comes new couture! The Etsy shop dollcloset has been on our list of pretty doll clothing shops for a while and *finally* Sunny has got around to purchasing us a dress (which is very summery) and a shirt/shorts combo outfit from there. We ordered the items on Monday so they should be here fairly soon. Once they are, check Chiffon & Lace for reviews of the ensembles!

Now for the much anticipated photos of my non-messy room! You should've seen if before Mission Impossible. It was like a tornado swept through it, no joke. Now it looks completely better and way cleaner.
Sorry for the bad quality! Sunny had to use her phone for the pictures since her camera needs new batteries and she doesn't have any at the moment.

Awesome night stand- only 7$ !

And my dresser, of course! Love the Ariel statue, right?

So that's my room! I am so happy I could clean it out and redecorate it. Hope everyone has a great Sunday. :)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

School's Out!

Hi, everybody! Guess what..........

Yesterday was the last day of school!!!!!!!!!
It was a great day filled with the joy and innocence of nothingness. All we did was talk to each other, play board games, watch movies, and sign yearbooks. It couldn't have been a more perfect day.

As for today, my first day of summer vacation, it was a total mess. Sunny's mom is a first grade teacher and she's moving classrooms so we had to help her pack up all of her books, papers, etc. It was a lot of work but we did it!

Tomorrow is going to be more fun, though. Sunny says she's going to organize the doll stuff and redecorate my hideously boring bedroom. Then I want to hit the beach for some tanning! My vinyl limbs seem to get paler by the months, lol.

Oh, and I wanted to say that I'm sorry for not being very consistent with the updating. School has been busy and now that it's over I'll have plenty of time for posts.

Also, summer travel plans aren't definite at the moment. I may be going to the Florida Keys sometime in July but we don't have a hotel yet so the vacation isn't set in stone. I'll let you know the dates I won't be on my this blog, our YouTube, Flickr, and our Picasa albums soon! Thanks everyone and happy summer. :D


Saturday, June 5, 2010

FMSG Yearbook 2010

Every year Frosted Meadows' yearbook committee goes all out and makes us these wonderful keepsake yearbooks. Most of the teachers let us use the last few days to sign our yearbooks. Here are some of the pages in our 6th Grade Yearbook. I already have quite a few signatures:


Page 1
Do you see me?

Page 2

Those were only a few of the pages of our yearbooks but I thought they were awesome. I still have to get some signatures from Noelle and Julie but I'm pretty happy with it. Have a great summer everyone!