Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, today is the third best day of the year (my birthday and Christmas come first), and I am totally excited! Check out how my Halloween has been so far by clicking here. I had quite a fun time, and I can't wait to go trick-or-treating some more. How has your Halloween been?

All my friends got dressed up and then went to my dorm for a Halloween fiesta. (Sorry for the random Espanol, I've been taking Spanish lessons from Senora Montoya.) It was very fun and spooky, too.

Also, the whole party was doubling as a going-away party for Madison, who will sadly be leaving for Madame Montez Academy tomorrow. :-( I also here that a mysterious new student will be arriving tomorrow to take Madi's place. I wonder who it could be???

I hope everyone has a scary Halloween!!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

The votes are in

Yes, the elections were today, and sadly I lost :-( I tried my hardest and that's all that matters. I'm sure Kirsten will be a great president; she deserves it more than I do. With the whole archiving thing stressing her out, I think it'll be nice for her to concentrate on something more positive for a change.
Also, tomorrow is 10/31/09 a.k.a HALLOWEEN!


I am "booing" all of my readers, which means that you have to tell a spooky story on your blog either about Halloween or any other time you were really, really freaked out. I'll start:

Last Halloween I went trick-or-treating with Maggie's doll Mia. Mia is very nice and sweet, but she is a total scaredy cat! I persuaded her (somehow!) to go with me into the haunted house our neighbor's had set up across the street. We walked in and scary music started to play, and creepy guys in zombie clothes started jumping out at us, and chasing us. Even I, a horror movie fanatic, was a tad bit scared, so I knew Mia was probably wanting to cry. But, I looked over at her and she was laughing like she was having the best time EVER! It amused me so much that the queen of wimps (no offense, Mia! You rock!) was less scared than I was so then I started to laugh. The other people in the haunted house probably thought we were crazy!

Alright, that was my spooky story (okay, it wasn't that spooky but it did have to do with Halloween, so there!) so I encourage you all to write your own! I am anxious to read some of your funny/creepy Halloween experiences. I know I have way more than just that one!

Anyways, tonight I carved a pumpkin and it was very fun. Sunny said my pumpkin turned out great, but I'm not so sure I agree. What do you think???
Sunny has been, of course, going nuts over her puppy. She thinks he is so cute, and he is! She has two french bulldogs (Finn and Gus) and a cross between a frenchy and pug named Doc.

Have a great night, and see you tomorrow with a special Halloween post!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey, everyone, I know this is VERY, VERY, VERY off-topic...but Sunny just got a puppy!!! She is so happy and so am I! He is so cute and so big (well, compared to me, but compared to humans he is very small). Sunny asked me to post a few pictures of him today, so I have picked a few of my favorites. The lighting has been sort of bad lately since it's been really rainy, but they are overall really CUTE! Enjoy :-)
(Gus with Grandma)(Gus with Sunny)
Doesn't he look like Gus from Cinderella??? Photo credit: google images

(Goodnight, Gus!)

BTW, Gus is a french bulldog puppy, age 13 weeks. Bye!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Elections: UPDATE

I've decided to run for president...okay, more like forced to run. Kirsten has been getting extra bossy lately (I think she's still upset about the whole "archiving" thing) and has been taking her bossy-ness out on all my friends! It's very annoying. SO....Julie, Noelle, Jane, Samantha, Elizabeth, Gwen, and Victoria came to my dorm and practically begged me to run so they don't have to deal with bossy Kirsten 24/7. "I really don't think Kirsten's being mean, she's just trying to be an effective class president," I had said, trying to get out of running.
"I don't think so!" Julie exclaimed. "She yelled at me because I was passing notes to Madi during science. Who does she think she is....Senora Montoya???"
"Don't be so hard on her," I said. "She'll definitely try her best to make FMSG a great place to learn. I mean, the locker clean-up day sounds like a fantastic idea! No way do I have more to offer."
"Come on, Cali," Elizabeth a.k.a Lizzie replied. "You are full of wonderful ideas! Remember that time you wanted to have the entire 6th grade class read to the elementary school once a month? That was a very good idea, right girls?"
My friends nodded.
"We-ell," I sighed. "I guess I'll run. I mean, that was a good idea. And, I do have a lot more up my sleeves! Heck, I even know a good idea for the campaign posters. This could actually be more fun than I thought!"
My friends high-fived me, excitedly and we started working on the posters. Here's my favorite campaign poster:
I think it looks really professional. This presidential thing isn't as bad as I thought! Uh-oh, gotta go! Sunny's taking me to the pumpkin patch now :-) Bye!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Elections???

Yep, the FMSG elections begin next week and then the week after that (the day before Halloween) the actual votes are cast. Everyone who wants to run has to notify Assistant Principal Johannsen and get signatures of approval from all their teachers by Friday. Noelle, Jane, and even Gwen are pestering me to run, but I'm not so sure. I mean, am I really presidential material?

Who's Running for What (as of today):
Secretary: Samantha Parkington
Rebecca Rubin
Treasurer: Noelle Greene
Molly McIntire
Vice-president: Elizabeth Cole
Julie Albright
President: Kirsten Larson

If I don't decide to run Kirsten will win just because no one else volunteered. Kirsten is nice and all but she can get sort of bossy. She says it's just because she cares about things, but I think she's just a natural leader. Maybe I should run. What do you think?

Madi is obviously not running because of the fact she's moving in only 2 weeks! I am so sad. Losing my best friend feels terrible. :-( I just wish there was something I could do to let her know that even though we won't be at the same school, we're still going to stay friends...

Bye!!! Updates on the election will be posted soon :-)


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mount Dora

Today Sunny went to Mount Dora for lunch and to visit the great doll store they have there. She had a great time, and so did Kirsten, who practically begged to come along. To see the pictures Sunny took at Mount Dora click here. Also, please, please PLEASE check out the video Sunny made of her dolls doing the "monster mash", after watching the awesome video dollsandmoredolls made with hers. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

A Post By Gwen

Hi, everyone, Gwen here! It's my first turn on the computer (with 16 girls under one roof, computer time is limited!) and Cali has allowed me to write a blog entry about my first few days at FMSG. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming- even Nellie....sorta. Cali says Nellie is cold to just about everyone and I was lucky she even said "hi" to me when I arrived. I don't think Nellie is someone I want to hang around............

Julie was nice, too, of course, but since she's my cousin I'm not sure that counts. She seemed so happy that I was transferring to FMSG when I told her the news that I thought she might burst! It was fun talking to her and seeing how she was doing. After we caught up, Cali informed us that everyone was going outside to jump in the piles and piles of leaves Sunny and her sister had raked earlier that day. As you can see, FMSG is a pretty awesome school-way cooler than that boring neighboring school, Madame Montez Academy. Ironically, Nellie goes there! :-P

Oh, I almost forgot about the poem Victoria wrote for me on the day I arrived. I was just sitting in my dorm, feeling totally bored and homesick, when this girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and an array of freckles walked in, grinning. "Hey, Gwen," said the girl. "I wrote this for you. I know that being the new girl can be hard at first." That was so nice, I was thinking! "Thanks," I replied. Victoria smiled, handed me the poem, and left me to read it in my dorm. It was so good! The poem was basically about feeling nervous on a first day and overcoming that fear. It was the perfect picker-upper EVER!!! That just proved why FMSG is such an amazing school...everyone is super nice!!! It felt good knowing that I had friends even during my first hour at the school. :-)

I have a feeling this is going to be one good school year.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Gwen!!!! Sunny just fell in love with her sweet face and cocoa-brown eyes so she grabbed the money she had gotten for her birthday and was going to use to buy Rebecca and ordered her immediately. She finally has arrived!

Gwen is a very sweet girl, with a lovely personality to match. Here are a few things about her:

Gwen is a great violinist. She plays with the Frosted Meadows Orchestra, and has first chair!

Gwen loves to do charity work, such as playing with kids at the local orphanage and volunteering at the animal shelter.

She also loves to talk! Gwen is a very talkative girl, but also a great listener.

Her cousin is my friend, Julie! Julie was in on the surprise but she didn't even tell her best friends...she's good at keeping secrets, I guess!

Gwen's favorite food is watermelon! She says that when she lived in her old town she had her own watermelon patch, where she tried every year to grow a big enough watermelon to compete in the county fair.
So that's Gwen! We are all so happy that we were able to add another doll to Sunny's collection. That's all for today. See you later!!! :-)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Sunny has finally picked out all of her dolls' (and Madi's) costumes! Here's a list of each doll and her costume:

Samantha: Minnie Mouse
Kirsten: space girl
Noelle: Pocohontas
Elizabeth: geisha
Nellie: ice skater
Julie: Sleeping Beauty
Rebecca: angel
Jane: Ariel (mermaid)
Madi: Austin Powers
Victoria: gypsy

And last but not least....

ME! I'm being a butterfly fairy! Sunny got this costume from Michael's and she fell in love with it. How do I look???


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cloud Watching

Hi, everyone! It's Cali! Today Victoria and I went cloud-watching. It's so relaxing, just laying there, watching marshmallow clouds float by, enjoying that crisp, autumn air....
Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. We were expecting the "surprise" to come today, but it didn't, so when that comes there will be a nice, long post. Victoria and I wish you a great weekend! :-)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Miscellaneous Post

I've been wondering if I should change my background for fall? I added a pumpkin picture on the sidebar to make it a little more festive, but I haven't had the heart to change my current background. I really like it and I think it fits me extremely well. What do you think???

Sunny is getting very impatient. She really wants the thing/things that are coming in the mail to arrive! Hopefully, soon they'll be here. I'm getting a little anxious, too. Sunny hasn't even told me what it is!

Nothing much has been going on around here lately. School's been extra boring and hard, and Madi is getting ready to leave FMSG. I'm still bummed about the whole she's-moving-thing but I'm starting to realize that there's nothing I can do. If she wants to go to a school with that Nellie person, she can.

For now, please enjoy a picture of me reading a book! This is one of my favorites :-)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Fall Portraits Are Done

Sunny has *finally* finished the fall portraits! She has done all of her dolls and she thinks we all look very lovely. Click here to see the album. Most of the photos are photoshopped. Sunny isn't that good at photoshopping, but the pictures didn't turn out terrible. My hair was styled in this cute 'do where Sunny braided both sides and gathered them in a bun in the back. It took her forever to do the style without it looking like a total mess :-P!

Anyways, Halloween is right around the corner! Sunny almost has everyone's costumes picked out (she still has to get Noelle a costume) and she's in the process of decorating her room with cobwebs and other Halloween-ish decorations. After Christmas, Halloween is Sunny's favorite holiday. I think mine, too!

Also, something is coming in the mail soon... but I won't say what! Let's just say the money Sunny was saving for Rebecca didn't go to waste! :-)



Friday, October 2, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Yep, I was tagged by Rose and friends from *Roses Are Read* so I need to tell a funny story. Here it is!

One afternoon Jane and I visited our local park. The park has this long wide stream that's really shallow and rocky. The only way to get to the other side of the stream is to slowly step from stone to stone until you can reach the riverbank. We've been to this park and crossed this stream many times so we weren't expecting to slip. But we did. As I stepped on the second to last rock, I lost my footing and fell into the water. I was soaked! Jane was laughing like crazy, which made me really mad. But then, right as she stepped over to the bank she stumbled on a slippery, mossy rock and went tumbling down into the water. We were both WET. Very wet. We couldn't stop giggling for at least 10 minutes. People who were at the park and saw us probably thought we were nuts. :-P

I tag Bella, Haley, Wendy and Kit from Kit's Newspaper Blog and dollsandmoredolls :-) Happy tagging!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Happy October! If you didn't already know, today is the first day of October and Halloween is exactly 30 days away! YAY! Halloween is a really fun holiday...I just love getting all that candy-especially snickers!
Today Sunny started to take our annual autumn photos. Each season she takes new pics of us as our "portraits". My summer portrait was taken in Yosemite and is the picture of me standing on a fence in front of a lake. This picture can be seen in the sidebar under "Frosted Meadows Girls". She only has done Kirsten, though, so far. Here are the pictures:

Did you like the pics? Sunny was trying to experiment with photo editing and she thinks that it looks pretty cool. I think the pink lettering in Kirsten Larson could've been a little brighter because it's a bit hard to see, though. If you have any photo taking tips, Sunny and I would love to hear them!