Monday, July 26, 2010

One Year

On July 21st 2010, this blog was officially declared one year old! It feels like I've only been writing in it for a couple days, though. Thanks so much to all of my followers, readers, and commenters. If it wasn't for you, this blog probably wouldn't even be here today!

I loved all of your suggestions for our "One Year Celebration" but I eventually decided on taking one photo from each month since this blog began and saying a little something about each of them. Please enjoy this journey through one amazing year!

July 2009: As well as this being the first month of "Crazy for Cali", Noelle and I try out for Coach Potter's soccer team and (to our surprise) make it! I remember being more than thrilled about this. Plus, being able to post your excitement on a blog was also very fun.

August 2009: Enjoying the view at Sunny's grandparents' house is always a lot of fun! After the busy first week of school, I was more than happy to kick back and relax at the lake and enjoy some much-needed quiet time.
September 2009: During this exciting month comes Sunny's birthday! She got to go to Disney World (she brought me along, of course) and while there, gets Rebecca Rubin!

October 2009: Gwen Thompson joins the FMSG family just in time for Halloween, as does a new family dog- Gus, Sunny's French bulldog.

November 2009: My first birthday with Sunny arrives on November 9th. Besides having a fantastic birthday party with all of my closest friends, I was able to get a Breyer Stablemate for my collection, as well!

December 2009: Merry Christmas! My twin sister, Elizabeth, comes to stay for a few weeks. We had such a great time celebrating the holidays together and doing fun activities such as decorating the house with Christmas lights, raising money for gifts, and being sisters. What's a better present than building a relationship with a long lost relative?
January 2010: Sunny creates her very own YouTube account! This also meant that we were very busy with our movie-making skills during this month. This particular photo was from the first music video we ever made, "Love Story".

February 2010: Valentine's Day creeps upon us, as does FMSG's special Sweetheart Social. Great food, great friends, and lots of candy makes this February 14th extra-amazing.

March 2010: Sunny and Marigold take Felicity and I to the American Girl Boutique & Bistro in Atlanta, where they get two awesome new dollies, Lanie and Chloe. Together we all had an awesome trip!

April 2010: Spring is in the air! Gwen, as well as many of us other students, love hanging out outdoors and enjoying the fresh, springtime breeze. With this new season comes anticipation for summer!

May 2010: Shannon starts her first modeling job in the AGMA! She's a great model and friend and I am so proud of her for even making the first cut.

June 2010: School's out and summer's in! All of us here at FMSG are more than pleased to be able to relax for a couple months. After all, a month or two without homework isn't that terrible, right?

July 2010: One year can go by so quickly that you might not even know it hit you! That's how it was for us here at "Crazy for Cali". Before we knew it, that important day was creeping up on us and we were more than excited. Again, thank you all for reading, commenting, and following this blog. I hope these pictures and captions gave you a better insight on a year in the life of a doll and all of the amazing things that can happen in just a matter of 365 days.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Special Day

Tomorrow is a very special day for me and Sunny- our first ever blogoversary! The same day as tomorrow last year was the day we started this blog. We had no clue it was going to have 54 followers or even get comments! A special thanks goes out to Maggie who helped a lot with Crazy for Cali. I don't know if she still reads it, but if she does then thank you x 10! :D
Since tomorrow is going to be a big day, I was thinking we could do a little celebration! Unfortunately, I don't know what. Something special and out of the ordinary... any ideas? Please post your thoughts on the "celebration". It can be along the lines of a photo-story, a video, or even just a photoshoot of some sort. Thanks, everyone!

*A note from Sunny*
My camera broke yesterday (it had some stupid defect that cost as much as a new camera to get fixed). We returned it for a Nikon Coolpix L110 and we're really happy with it's results. It's 12.1 megapixels and has 15x optical zoom! I'll probably be posting some pictures taken with it on Flickr later today. :)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog-walking for $$$

After playing with all those Breyer horses, a brilliant idea entered my mind-- horseback riding lessons! I asked Sunny if I could take them at the stable where Rebecca and Gwen go and she said only if I could raise enough money on my own.
My first money making job was to walk Chloe's Westie pup, Coconut. Coconut's a sweet little dog so I had no problem with this occupation at all.
For our walk, Coconut and I decided to explore the gardens. The warm summery breezes felt so relaxing and refreshing as we walked. A few clouds loomed overhead but, other than that, the sky was pure blue.

I love Coconut's pink flower collar, don't you?

The walk was so quiet and peaceful. All we could hear was the soft hum of leaves rustling from the wind and the buzz of dragonflies' wings beating together.

Dog-walking is too fun to be considered a "job". I should start doing this more often!

Near the end of our walk, Coconut found the prettiest violet flowers. They'd be perfect in Shannon's next AGMA assignment since this week's theme is purple!

Dog-walking was a blast! I made $5 from this job and I would've done it for free. Maybe Chloe will let me walk Coconut more often. :)


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fun with Breyer Horses

In past posts I think I've mentioned that I have a big collection of Breyer model horses and equines. And, guess what??? Today Sunny surprised me with a new horse, a bay Arabian that I named Slick. He's soooooo pretty!

I brought him (and the rest of my Breyers) outside and played with them. I pretended that together they were a wild band of horses on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands, like Misty and the Phantom. Since Slick is the newest of my horses, I declared him the alpha male and ruler of the group. Playing with my model horses is so much fun!

Aren't they pretty? I wish I had my own horse like Gwen. She has an Appaloosa mare named Jasmine, who boards at a nearby barn and equestrian school. Sometimes I go and visit Jasmine with Gwen and Rebecca. Rebecca takes lessons at the barn but she doesn't own her own horse yet.

This is a close-up of some of my older Breyers. Sheer Gold is the palomino on the left, Winter is the white mare in the middle, and Bluegrass is the paint on the right. What're your favorite types of horses?

I hope you liked checking out my Breyer horse collection! See you soon. :)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer is...imagination!

Hi, everyone! This morning Sunny and I decided to work on our entry for Rose's summer photo contest. We took a lot of pictures...

...but we eventually decided on this one!

To me, summer is pure imagination- a time when you can be whatever and do whatever! Whether it's fooling around with friends or acting like you're a fairy in your own front yard (like me!), you can experience the joys and wonder of pretending. There's no other season where you can just joke around and be carefree. That's why it's so important that we enjoy summer and let our imaginations run wild!

I hope you liked our entry, Rose! Happy summer! :)


Monday, July 5, 2010

The "surprise" is...

... a scrapbook!

All of your guesses were awesome but, the "surprise" is a scrapbook! Sunny and her mom worked really hard on it. It took a long time and a lot of work but the end result was worth it.
This is the cover of the scrapbook. I love the sparkly flowers.

This is the opening page. (Sunny blurred her full name out under "by")

My page! I picked out all the stickers and everything! :)

The rest of the scrapbook can be viewed by clicking here. I hope you like it!

Hope everyone's having a good summer and had an awesome 4th of July.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guess what?

Sunny and I have been hard at work this summer making something very special. We're almost done with it so we'll probably be posting pictures by the end of this week. Here are some clues to what it is:

- It's AG-related
- It was made by Sunny and me but parts of it were bought
- It's not doll furniture

Feel free to post your guesses in comments! I'll be posting soon. :)