Saturday, May 29, 2010

Longing For Summer

Guess what? Only 8 more days of school left! I am so excited. After that, I'll be able to update more often, take more photos, and make more videos--pretty much do more of everything. I honestly am jumping out of my seat right now with anticipation. Also, come to think of it, I started this blog over the summer last year (July, I think...). I can't believe it's almost been a year already! Go summer! :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walt Disney World Photos: From Piper

Hi, I'm Piper! I think I've only posted on Cali's blog once before this so I'm still getting into the swing of the things. :)
As most of you know, I went on a very fun but very HOT (it was nearly 90 degrees the entire trip) visit to Walt Disney World. I had a great time and I wanted to share some photos I took there. Hope you like them!

Me in a butterfly garden at EPCOT

Chilling at the hotel with my new book, Kingdom Keepers, which is about four kids who have to save the Walt Disney World Parks.

On Saturday, I couldn't go with Sunny and her family to Magic Kingdom so I stayed at the hotel and checked out the view from the window.

A photo Sunny took of a water flower in front of our hotel, Coronado Springs.

So that was my trip! I had a fantastic time and I hope to be able to come again sometime! :)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be back online May 23rd!

Not my picture! I found it on Google Images. BTW, Aurora is my favorite princess. I don't remember if I mentioned that in my last post.

Piper and Sunny will be going to Walt Disney World tomorrow/Saturday for a mini-vacation. This means that I won't be able to be online. =( But, she'll be back on Sunday during the afternoon or early evening so if I can I'll update then and post some of the pictures they took there. Last time Sunny went Disney (she took me and was given Rebecca there as a gift) she didn't bring any of us to the parks so therefore she didn't take any pictures. This time will *hopefully* be different. Sunny is planning on bringing Piper to at least EPCOT tomorrow night, if not on Saturday.
Also, Rose awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you SO much, Rose! :)
Now I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.
1) I am left-handed.
2) I sleep walk... A LOT.
3) I love going to the beach but hate swimming in the ocean. (I'm deathly afraid of sharks)
4) I hate math but wish I could be good at it.
5) I used to have braces when I was 9.
6) I sometimes pretend I am a famous author and am signing autographs for my adoring fans.
7) My favorite color in the entire universe is turquoise!

I tag...

... anybody who wants to be! All of you are beautiful bloggers.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Once upon a dream...

Princesses and fantasy have been on my mind so much lately! I can't help but want to sing my favorite Disney princess song "Once Upon a Dream" as I waltz around the house. This is for two reasons:

1) Shannon Rose found out her next topic for AGMA and it's princesses! She has so much work to do for this challenge, but she's up for it. Sunny has been primping that girl all weekend, getting her prepared and ready for the photos. Lucky!

And 2) We're going to Disney World on Friday and Saturday. I know you're probably thinking that my family goes to Disney A LOT, but we have yearlong passes and we only live about 2 and a half hours away. Unfortunately, "we" does not include me this time. :( Since I've already been to Disney, Sunny wanted to bring someone else. That someone is Piper! Piper is super excited about going and "meeting all the princesses", especially Snow White, her favorite.

So although none of the princess-related going-ons truly involve me, I'm having so much fun! I was actually having SO much fun that I made a collage on Picnik (without using Picnik Premium...) with the princesses. All the cartoon photos are not mine, so all credit goes to the owners. The doll photos, however, are mine! Hope you like it:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Background!

Random photo by Sunny

As many of you know I've had that blue/grey background for a long time (since Christmas) so I finally decided to change it up a bit. The old background was getting so boring...
I had a Chinese-looking background at first but not many people liked it according to a poll so I changed it to this pink and green one that I found on the Cutest Blog on the Block website (it's called "Melancholy" if you're wondering). Please vote on the poll with your opinions! I can always change it if you don't like it that much. :)


P.S.: Sorry for such a short post! I hope to be able to post on Saturday or Sunday this weekend.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Standing Up

I am SO pooped.
Last night was FMSG's famous Spring Fling and I had a blast... for the most part...

So this is basically how the night went:
Jane, Noelle, and Piper and I walked in, dressed in our special spring outfits. We danced for a couple hours, drank punch, talked, and danced some more. Then Nellie came.
Nellie (of course!) was wearing this super fancy dress and shoes. She looked like a million bucks and a quarter.
"Hey, Cali," she spat as she passed me on the dance floor.
"Oh, hi, Nellie," I said back, politely, letting her by.
"Wow... your hair looks like a truck ran over it," snarled Nellie as she ran her perfectly-manicured fingers through her styled hair. "No wonder you don't have a date."

By now I was totally fed up with her. So what if I didn't have a date with me? I didn't even see Nellie with a date, either. That girl had bothered me since the day we met back in August and I'd always been too timid to speak up and tell her to stop getting on my nerves. Well, not today, I was thinking.
"Nellie Christelle O'Malley, I am SICK and TIRED of the way you talk to me so please BUG OFF!"I shouted, clenching my fists to keep my anger from coming out like an erupting volcano. Jane wandered over, grasping a paper cup filled with punch and ushered me away.
"You stood up to her!" Jane cheered when we were back by the snack table. "I am so proud of you."
"I'm proud, too. Nellie has been rude long enough and I think it's about time someone put her in her place," I admitted.
Jane nodded and we walked back out on to the dance floor and had a great (no, terrific!) rest of the night.
What I still can't believe is that I, Cali Hazelwood, stood up to Nellie, the queen of mean. I just hope me telling her what's up will stop the bullying for once and for all. A doll can dream, can't she?


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earth Day Photo Contest Results

Hi, everyone, it's me, Cali!
I just wanted to thank everyone who entered my first annual Earth Day Photo Contest. All of the entries were amazing and I wish I could've given everyone 1st Place. It took Sunny, Marigold, and I a LONG time to decide on the winner. :)

We loved how she incorporated homemade clothing into her photo (we thought that was very green). The colors were very pretty and it really looked like an earthy picture. Great job, Rebecca!
(You can paste the following "ribbon" on to your blog, *Roses are Read*)
This picture was very captivating. The photography was excellent and the approach was unique. Kiki looked so cute in her blue raincoat.
(You can paste the following "ribbon" on to your blog, Kiki)
The flowers and spring-y dresses in these photos were to die for. All of you girls looked so pretty! Congrats. :)
(You can paste the following "ribbon" on to your blog, Karma)
And now for the Honorable Mentions!!!

This was a very cute photo, Samantha. We thought it was most definitely the best action photo of the bunch.

The cherry blossoms in this photo were spectacular! Sophie looked like she was having a great time playing in that tree.

The colors in this photo were beautiful. It was a very pretty portrait, Miss Georgia! :)

We loved the background in this photo! I liked how Kolby was standing in the middle and her friends were behind her, off in the distance. Very clever!

(All Honorable Mention winners can paste the following "ribbon" on to their blogs!)
Thanks again to everybody who entered. Your photos were great and I had a really fun time looking at them. Great job!


P.S: The Spring Fling is only 5 days away, I can't wait!!!