Saturday, March 20, 2010


So, I've been reminding myself to tell you all how it went with Jane. Let's just say she wasn't very forgiving at first.
"I am so, so, SO sorry I bragged about going to the American Girl store," I said, truthfully after lunch the day after the argument.
"Yeah, right. I bet you loved shoving it into our faces that Sunny chose YOU!" Jane shot back, crossing her arms across her chest.
"I seriously didn't mean to. I was just answering your question!"
"Oh, whatever."
"I mean it, Jane. I'm sorry."
"How do I know? People say they're sorry all the time and half of the time they're lying!"
"I'll prove it. When I go to the AG Boutique & Bistro I'll pick you up something special, I promise."
"Of course! You're one of my best friends, Jane."
"You're my best friend, too, Cali. I guess I did overreact a bit."
And then we hugged and made up! I am SO glad Jane isn't mad at me anymore. Being angry with someone is no fun AT ALL.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. Traveling Sophie just got here .. we are having fun with her .. I am so glad that you and Jane are friends again.

    Ta Ta,

  2. Yay! I thought things would work out. Real friends don't stay mad for long.

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Very happy Jenna

  4. I'm glad everything worked out! :) I knew it would as you and Jane are way too close to let a silly little jealousy stop your friendship.


  5. I'm so glad things worked out! I've learned that sometimes friends just fight sometimes...whether we want it to happen or not.
    I'm sure Lilly and I have gotten into plenty of arguments...

  6. I'm so glad, Cali! It's never fun to be fighting with should tell Jane hi for me! :) Oh, and have fun at AGP!