Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rose's Spring Photo Contest

Time for our Rose's Photo Contest entry! Unfortunately, no pictures I had seemed to feel, well, spring-y. But to my pleasure I did find the perfect photo to represent Crazy for Cali in her contest.
To me (and all of my friends at Frosted Meadows) spring is enjoying the outdoors and all the fresh greenery with loved ones. :)
Thanks to Roses are Read for creating this contest. We had a lot of fun entering!


P.S: A post about how it went with Jane should be up Friday or sooner. Thanks!


  1. Shannon looks utterly amazing in Emily's dress! :-)


  2. Awesome! Thanks for entering, Cali (and Shannon)! :)


  3. Wow. That is absolutely stunning! Shannon is beautiful!
    Sorry about the last post. :( I read it and felt terrible. I hope Jane comes around. I also hope you enjoy AGP and don't worry to much about Jane. Maybe Sunny can talk to her? I'm not sure though, considering she told you not to brag....hey, I would have too!

  4. That is such a pretty dress on Shannon and she looks really cute. :D
    ~Mia and Eva