Monday, June 20, 2011

summertime is story time.

At least to Sunny. She only leaves the story she's writing to eat, drink, and occasionally take pictures of us dolls outside. The rest of the time she's cooped up in her room, writing away. I wonder what her story is about... She won't let any of us look at it, let alone read a page or two. I wonder if I could write a story if I wanted to. I'm reading the Hunger Games series right now (I just finished the second book, Catching Fire), and it seems like figuring out a plot as complex and intertwined as the one in those books would be quite difficult. But, then again, my blog has kind of been a story.
Speaking of stories, I have one to tell you! But don't worry, it's 100% true.
Yesterday I went to the boardwalk to watch the sunset, get an icecream cone from my favorite icecream parlor, and walk on the beach. Ruthie and Addy decided to tag along with me, which I wasn't exactly happy about, but they turned out to be not nearly as annoying as I'd thought they'd be. After we bought our icecream cones (I got Rocky Road, Addy got mint chocolate chip, and Ruthie got plain vanilla), we climbed the stairs that led from the boardwalk down the rocks to the shore. I took off my sandals and let my feet slide into the sugar-white sand. The smell of the salt water immediately greeted my nose as we waited for the sun to sink low in the sky. The sunset was so picturesque. It was one of those sunsets that seemed to dye the sky not just orange, but pink with streaks of lavender and rose. Addy was too busy poking a fiddler crab hole with a piece of driftwood to notice, but me and Ruthie couldn't peel our eyes from the horizon. I could tell Ruthie was thinking that this sunset was something straight out of a fairy-tale.
She had a sad look on her face as we walked through the wet sand, the waves tickling our feet. "What's wrong, Ruthie?" I asked. It was true that Ruthie and I weren't the best of friends. But, still, she was one of Sunny's dolls, and that was a sisterly bond in itself. And sisters look out for one another.
Ruthie pretended to straighten out her sundress, but I knew she was just trying to avoid my question. I decided not to bother her any more and just enjoy this perfect summertime moment.
Then she spoke up.
"I miss... I miss Aaron."
"Aaron?" I asked. "I don't know any dolls named Aaron around here."
Ruthie shook her head. "That's the thing... he lives on Long Island, where Addy and I used to live. He was my friend... maybe more than a friend, and I haven't seen him since I left. Even when I left, we weren't on speaking terms so he barely said good-bye to me. This sunset... it reminds me of him. We used to watch sunsets back in New York every night during the summer, always telling each other how every summer we'd watch them together. This is the first summer where I haven't watched the sunset with him... He and Addy and I were the Three Musketeers, but him and I had always had something...special."
I was quiet. To me, it sounded like Ruthie was in love- something I have yet to experience. From the books and movies, love seems like it's glorious, but at times also very sad. I wished I could understand how Ruthie was feeling, but I couldn't. All I knew was that Ruthie needed to straighten things out with this Aaron person. "Ruthie, you need to talk to him," I said.
Ruthie's eyes widened, and she quickly shook her head. "No! No! No! He hates me. If I tried calling him, he'd probably hang up on me! Or worse, not even pick up! No. I can't. It would be a disaster. Wouldn't it, Addy?" She turned around to look at her friend, but there was no Addy. I spun around, too, and saw her at least twenty yards ahead of us, grasping what looked like a bottle in her hands.
"Hey, guys!" shouted Addy. "Look what I found!"
Ruthie and I exchanged a curious glance and raced towards her.
"I found this bobbing in the water," she said, holding the bottle towards us. There was a yellowed paper in the bottle, slightly damp from the water that had managed to find its way inside.
"We... we... we found a message in a bottle," I said, gulping.
We haven't read the message yet. We showed the bottle to Sunny, who said we should read the message now before the water that got to it fades away the writing. I talked it over with Ruthie and Addy, and they think we should wait to read it a little longer. The suspense is killing me.
As for Ruthie's problem... I don't know what to do. Ruthie and I have never really been the best of friends, but after hearing about Aaron, I have a new respect for her. I may have no experience in the love department, and I'm not sure if I know anyone who does, but, still, I feel it's my responsibility to help her out. I have no clue how, but hopefully I'll think of something. It's time for Cali Cupid to work her magic. :)



  1. Wow, a message in a bottle! How exciting! We can't wait to hear what it says!

    Since Addy was friends with Aaron too, maybe SHE should talk to him first. Then she can find out if he wants to talk to Ruthie or not. If he says yes, then Ruthie will be able to be confident knowing for sure he misses her too.

    The Green Girls

  2. By the way, can we add you to our blog roll?

    -The Greens

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