Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog-walking for $$$

After playing with all those Breyer horses, a brilliant idea entered my mind-- horseback riding lessons! I asked Sunny if I could take them at the stable where Rebecca and Gwen go and she said only if I could raise enough money on my own.
My first money making job was to walk Chloe's Westie pup, Coconut. Coconut's a sweet little dog so I had no problem with this occupation at all.
For our walk, Coconut and I decided to explore the gardens. The warm summery breezes felt so relaxing and refreshing as we walked. A few clouds loomed overhead but, other than that, the sky was pure blue.

I love Coconut's pink flower collar, don't you?

The walk was so quiet and peaceful. All we could hear was the soft hum of leaves rustling from the wind and the buzz of dragonflies' wings beating together.

Dog-walking is too fun to be considered a "job". I should start doing this more often!

Near the end of our walk, Coconut found the prettiest violet flowers. They'd be perfect in Shannon's next AGMA assignment since this week's theme is purple!

Dog-walking was a blast! I made $5 from this job and I would've done it for free. Maybe Chloe will let me walk Coconut more often. :)



  1. Cool! I love the flowers, they're gorgeous!

  2. I have Westie's pups myself. They are so adorable! I love the way you did your hair, Cali. You look very grown up. How old are you?


  3. Sounds like a good plan to me! If you keep this up, you'll have horseback riding lessons in no time. My friend Anya has to earn her own horseback lessons, too, by helping out at the local stables.


  4. I'm glad your making money, Cali! :)
    Looks like you and Coconut had fun! I hope you can raise enough money to take horse back riding lessons! :)

  5. That will be so awesome to earn your own lessons for horseback riding .. I hope you can find more jobs that you love to do to earn enough money ..

    Good Luck,

  6. Cute doggy! It's awesome that you're earning money by doing something you obviously love. :D I'm in upstate NY right now, it's beautiful up here. Hey.... are you Cali1 on InnerstarU? If so I think I might have friended you.

    Haley :D

  7. Cute looks like you're having fun! It's great that you are making money from it, too.
    I might start walking dogs, that is, unless Hayley doesn't allow me....*sigh* Why must she be anti-French?
    Bonne chance!

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