Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disney World Bound!

(picture courtesy of Google Images)

Hey, everyone, it's Cali! If you're reading this, Sunny, her family, and our new custom Rapunzel doll will be on their way to Walt Disney World! She's bringing her laptop since her room has Wifi so a post with WDW photos and photos of Rapunzel will be posted later this evening. Also check our Flickr because lots of photos will be uploaded there, as well. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



  1. How exciting! Happy Saturday. :)

  2. Have fun at Disney World! I can't wait to see Rapunzel! :)

  3. Have a blast at Disney World!
    I LOVE it there!
    I'm anxious to see Rapunzel, I know she's going to be gorgeous :D