Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not-so-good CAGD Pics

Don't know what to get the special American Girl doll in your life? Well, fret no longer! Crazy for Cali is preparing a two-part holiday special featuring gifts that cost little to nothing to make or purchase for your AG doll this season.

Until then, it's about time I show some pictures of our custom Rapunzel doll. Since she's not yet fully customized, Sunny photoshopped her eyes green on Picnik. The freckles and straightened hair are real however.The photos below aren't the greatest since it's been veryyyyyy rainy and cold here in Florida, and I haven't had the courage to risk getting my doll wet outside. So Sunny grabbed the camera and shot the photos in her bedroom, which unfortunately has not-so-good lighting. When the skies clear up, we'll definitely have some better photos to show you all.
Hope you enjoy them nonetheless!
This enchanteddesigner dress is a beautiful two-piece set that looks wonderfully realistic! It's exactly like the dress Rapunzel wears throughout Tangled.


-Check our Flickr for Walt Disney World pictures! We'll be posting more soon.-


  1. Wow, that looks great! The eyes look *real*, I thought they were! Her dress is very nice. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Those pictures are great! Her eyes look really green!!! Great job!

  3. Great pictures! She looks wonderful! I thought her eyes really were green until I read that you 'shopped them. Are you going to get her an eye swap?