Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, one and all! I hope all of you had a WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL holiday and got lots of amazing presents. You deserve it!!! :D
I'm writing this with two new friends peering over my shoulder: this new girl Addy Walker and her friend, Ruthie Smithens, who're both from New York. Apparently they know Jane distantly and wanted to attend school here at FMSG. It worked out quite well because Sunny wanted both Ruthie and Addy so it was a win-win for everyone.

Anywayyyyyyyys, all these new dolls and new clothes are keeping me in that holiday spirit, even though Christmas is over. Sunny's mom got us dolls an outift from Sitara's etsy shop, and everyone here is dancing around in the beautiful teal tank top and the olive green skirt. It's SO gorgeous. Unfortunately, Ruthie has already claimed it as her own couture and she just got here. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to like this girl or if she's just going to be a pain in the neck like Nellie. I'm just SO glad Nellie's not Sunny's doll but her sister's. Because if she was Sunny's, I think I might D.I.E...

So the outfit is pure AWESOME. Sunny's going to post some pictures of Ruthie in the outfit soon, maybe on Monday or Tuesday. She's thinking about giving Ruthie her very own blog to ramble on but I'm not very keen on that. We tried that once with the couture blog but no one followed, and we only posted on it once a month or so. That blog was somewhat of a failure so trying another blog might turn out just the same. However, it would be nice having someone here who could share my love of writing...

I'm having mixed feelings about this Ruthie girl. I wonder if her friend Addy is similar...

Well, enough of my ranting! Hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys the winter break. :)



  1. Hi Cali!
    Remember me? Haha! I haven't been on in ages, but I have been reading your blog and I love the Tangled Elizabeth doll idea! Elizabeth is pretty and Tangled is like, the best movie EVER.

  2. Addy and Ruthie look so nice - we got two new girls here, too (I got Mia and my sister got JLY #35).

  3. Addy and Ruthie are beautiful! Congrats on the new outfits too. Happy holidays!