Monday, December 6, 2010

December and Rapunzel CAGD Updates

Well, everyone, it's officially...


Actually it has been for almost a week and I haven't even posted yet! Tsk tsk, Cali. Anyways, things have been getting busier and busier as we, meaning pretty much everybody at FMSG, have been preparing for or enjoying the holidays whether it be Christmas (like I am) or Hanukkah (like Rebecca). I hope all of you are enjoying the festivities and if not, then enjoying the wintry weather!
Also, many of you saw that we've been working on a custom doll, Rapunzel, from Tangled and we're getting a lot accomplished! So far our Elizabeth doll has been given an array of light freckles and her hair has been straightened and then put in braids to give it a silky slight curl. We also purchased her signature pink/purple dress from enchanteddesigner, an etsy shop you need to check out! Right now I believe there's one Rapunzel dress left and an assortment of other stunning princess, fairytale, and character outfits at an affordable price and exquisite quality.
The dress looks identical to that of the dress Rapunzel wears in the movie. Pictures of this stunning outfit will be available soon, I promise! Our main and currently only problem is that our Elizabeth (soon to be Rapunzel) has blue eyes... not green... and Rapunzel's green eyes are a kind of important aspect of her look. However the whole eye-swapping thing gives me the shivers. We don't know if we should go through with an eye-swap or just leave our Rapunzel unique with blue eyes. Please let us know how you feel about this! We'd love the feedback because the problem has been eating at us for a while. Thank you(:
So Rapunzel will be done quite soon and when she is pictures will be mandatory! We're going to Disney on Saturday and Rapunzel will be accompanying us quite hopefully to at least Downtown Disney or to one of the parks. We'll try our very best to post some pictures and to have a post while we're there because Sunny will be bringing her laptop. It's going to be very fun! I sure hope I'm allowed to come along...



  1. If you have the green eyes you need I say go for it! Sounds like she will be a pretty girl either way, though. Good luck!


  2. The whole switching eyes thing gives us shivers, also! Any doll changing or repair is out of the question if Rachel Noel has to do it, she'd rather send us off to someone! LOL I'm sure if you need her done by this week, you shouldn't try to rush it, but if you're thinking long-term, then I'm sure you can send her off to someone to have them switched out! But, for now, we suggest she just have unique blue eyes! Hope this has helped!
    Emmie's Edition

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  4. Hmmm.........I think that you should get someone with experience to swap the eyes if you really want her to look like the princess from tangled.