Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Food Drive

Every year, around Thanksgiving, Frosted Meadows School for Girls holds their annual food drive, where students go door to door around their neighborhoods and ask for cans/nonperishable foods to donate to the Fall Food Drive. Every year we donate the cans we receive to families in need and people who are going through rough times. It's a really fun event and I enjoy helping out!

Today was the first meeting. Mrs. Devon, an 8th grade teacher, is managing the drive. She seemed really nice and funny, too. Mrs. Devon had some great ideas for the food drive. Our slogan this year is "A Can You Can Lend To Be A Friend!" This girl Sandy Silvester came up with it. She seemed kind of annoying at the meeting but her slogan was quite catchy, I must admit. After we thought up a slogan and the week we'll be doing the Fall Food Drive (next week), Mrs. Devon paired all of us. Jane and Noelle aren't on Student Council, so they couldn't participate but Kirsten was. I was dreading having her as a partner. She's nice and all, but, well, she can get a tad bit bossy.

Yet, amazingly, I wasn't paired with Kirsten. My partner was this little red haired girl named Emily Bennett. Emily looked shy, so I was guessing she wouldn't be bossy like Kirsten, which was a major relief in my opinion. We chatted for a while about where we planned to ask for cans and when we should meet up. Emily didn't do much, except nod or say "Mmm-hmm" here and there. Although, I was excited about having her as a partner, I couldn't help but feel like I was doing all the work and making all the decisions.
Tomorrow night I'm going over to Emily's dormitory so we can discuss some more. I'm hoping she'll be a little more talkative and helpful tomorrow, but we'll have to see.

Anyways, the meeting went really great. At the end Mrs. Devon passed out sugar cookies shaped like autumn leaves and everyone had a grand old time. I think we're going to have a great Fall Food Drive this year!

PS- Emily's person is Sunny's sister, Marigold.

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  1. Emily sounds nice, but sometimes I don't get how girls can be shy! Maybe it's just because I'm so amazingly outgoing....SD