Monday, November 23, 2009

A Letter From Elizabeth

Thanksgiving is almost here! Yum! I just adore Grandma's cooking. This year we're having Thanksgiving at our house so a lot of preparations are being made. I hope Grandma will let me help make the pumpkin pie!
Anyways, yesterday I got a letter from Sunny's friend, Maggie's doll, Elizabeth. We are going over to Maggie's soon to meet her dolls, but I've never actually met Elizabeth or even spoken to her so the letter was a complete surprise. Here's what the letter said:

Dear Cali,
I am so excited to meet you! I've been reading your blog and I'm really curious to meet you, as well as your other friends. I think you have met Mia St. Clair before, but I think that's it. We go to a school called Parkington Performing Arts Academy, or PPA, a school that focuses on things like dancing, singing, acting, and music. I go there for mainly singing purposes since I one day would like to travel the world on a singing tour! Maggie told me you are into the performing arts, too. That's so cool! I think we'll have a lot in common, Cali. I can't wait to see you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Currington :-)

From the letter, I think Elizabeth will be very nice. Maggie says that Elizabeth is very much like me...
Hope everyone is having a great Monday morning! More updates soon :-)



  1. Hey Cali, I'm sure you and Elizabeth will be great friends! Let us know how your visit goes.


  2. Elizabeth sounds really nice. Be sure to let everyone know how Elizabeth is. I also really like your elf movie. It is so cute!!