Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Madi has left FMSG and has now started school at Madame Montez, where Nellie (key word here!) used to go. As I said in my previous post, someone was coming to FMSG in Madi's place. That someone was none other than Nellie O'Malley, the most annoying girl I've ever met. Why she wanted to go to FMSG after making fun of it at the theater the day I found out about Madi's move, I did not know. So, when I saw her big, white limousine pull into FMSG I decided to go ask myself.
"Nellie!" I nearly shouted. "What on Earth are you doing here? I thought you hated Frosted Meadows?"
"Oh, Cali, what ever gave you that idea?" Nellie laughed, sarcastically.
I felt like I was going to burst.
"Um, you told me you hated it the last time we talked," I said.
"Cali, calm down. This was all part of my plan. Persuade Madison to move to MM: CHECK! Transfer to FMSG: CHECK! Annoy Cali 24/7: a work in progress. That should explain everything!" Nellie smirked.
"Uhh!" That was all I could and wanted to say. The only way to stop Nellie from annoying the heck out of me was to pretend I didn't care...even if I really did.
And here I am now, taking my anger out on Sunny's laptop, typing away. Something has to be done with that girl, and I'm determined to get whatever that is done. Nellie O'Malley needs to get taught a lesson!
I think I might even have the perfect idea! It won't be anything that'll make her feel embarrassed or anything mean. I'm just going to stand up to her!



  1. Hi Cali:
    I'm sorry this has happened to you. Some quickies before I head off to school. I'm confused here. How did Nellie know you before? And why did she convince Madison to switch schools? I still don't understand. I don't understand why she'd really not like you that much to do all that.
    Either way, I have my own snotty girl in my class that I have to see A LOT, and I'm sure you know who she is. You can't be afraid of her, she'll just see it and make things worse for you. You have to do as you say, you have to stand up to her and make her realize that you are not afraid of her!


  2. A white LIMO?!! Wow. I think you should tell Madi. Maybe she can help you out

  3. Wow, your Nellie is *so* much different than ours. Not in a good way, it seems, either. I'm sorry you have to put up with people like that. :(


  4. Oh dear! Bullies are terrible, and I'm so sorry that you have to deal with yours even more often now! The best advice I have to say is rely on your friends, if you're with them, life will seem so much easier! Thank goodness I have Mara!

  5. Nellie seems like a really mean girl, I feel really sorry for you :(