Friday, November 13, 2009

Give Thanks

With Thanksgiving break right around the corner and then soon after that holiday break, school has been all about appreciating what you have and giving thanks. Yesterday we met yet again in Mrs. Devon's room (with our partners) to discuss our Fall Food Drive campaign. I have to admit Emily doesn't pull much weight in our partnership. All she does is nod at whatever I say, which gets pretty annoying after awhile. It's like I don't even have a partner!
We talked about how many cans we hope to collect, about what charity we'd donate the cans to, and even about how we'd sort the cans after the drive. Once all that was decided, we got to work on the fun part...making posters!
Gwen, the student council historian, takes most of the pictures for the council. Today, though, we changed it up! Kirsten let Gwen model for the poster while she took the picture. Then we uploaded the picture on to Mrs. Devon's laptop, added important information about the drive on to the uploaded picture, and then made a bunch of copies of the poster to hang up throughout the school. We really planned on promoting the drive. Our goal was to collect 2,000 cans, which meant each student needed to bring in at least 2 cans. Most of the student council members were bringing in 10 cans each, because we knew not everyone would actually bring in a can.
Anyway, the poster turned out great. I think Gwen and the rest of the council did a fantastic job designing it.
Hopefully, Emily will try helping out a little more. If not, I'm seriously considering asking Mrs. Devon if I can switch partners. I guess I'll just have to see.


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