Monday, November 30, 2009

Babysitting Bitty Belle

Hi, everyone! Today is the last day of November, which means.......... Christmas is on its way! It's been so much fun having Elizabeth here with me during this exciting holiday season. We've done a bunch of fun things together, such as babysitting Marigold's Bitty Belle. Belle is a Bitty Baby that is the most adorable thing in the universe. Marigold had to go x-mas shopping yesterday afternoon so she hired Elizabeth and I to watch her. She barely even cried! Belle is such a sweet little girl. :-)
After we fed her and burped her, it was off to bed for the baby. Elizabeth has such a great voice; she was able to sing a lullaby to lure Belle to sleep. Once Belle was snug as a bug in her crib, Elizabeth and I played a game of Uno. Then Marigold came back home with Sunny and Grandma, and she paid us each $5. I'm going to save my money until I have enough to get gifts for my family.

Oops, look at the time! I better get going...I have quite a bit of homework to finish up!



  1. Belle is so sweet! I'm glad she was a good baby for you and Elizabeth!


  2. Wow what a cutie! She is really adorable. You look just like Emily in those dresses! :) I'm glad that you have a wonderful older sister named Mia now. :D

  3. She is such a cutie!