Saturday, April 3, 2010

Melody Valerie Spring Line and Big News

(photography by Marigold, editing by Sunny)

Yes, today is the day! The Melody Valerie Couture 2010 Spring Line came out and all of the dresses are utterly gorgeous. Sunny had $60 left over from her road trip so she decided to spend it on the Sweet Darling Dress (she fell in love with the pastel plaid). We cannot wait for the dress to arrive! I wonder who'll get it...
Remember how I said Chloe and Lanie wanted their own blog??? Well, Sunny has been considering the idea for awhile, thinking up the positives and negatives to having another doll with a blog. And, she decided that (if I was okay with it) Lanie and Chloe could have there own blog but, a. it won't be updated nearly as much as this one and b. it would be for basically only doll fashion.
Chloe, which you probably didn't know, LOVES clothing. She adores putting together outfits and modeling them. That's why she wanted a blog so much. To model and show her love of "doll couture". The new blog will be for modeling new outfits and clothing ONLY. As much as I hate the idea, I have to say that Chloe is being a good sport about it. As for Lanie being involved in the blog; well, Marigold, has been wanting to have one of her dolls be apart a blog for a while so I understand that.
The blog will debut tonight or tomorrow and I'll post with a link. Sunny promised me that the blog will only be updated every few weeks or longer so my blog will still be the main one. Do you think I'm being selfish about this?
Anyways, the blog is going to be called Chiffon & Lace: A Doll Fashion Blog By Chloe & Lanie. Chloe came up with the name because chiffon started with "C" like her name and lace started with "L" like Lanie.
So, as I said, the new blog will not be updated as much as mine (especially after it gets started) and it will most likely debut tonight or tomorrow.
Happy Spring, everyone, and happy almost-Easter! :)



  1. Beautiful photo, I love those dresses! Congrats on ordering the Sweet Darling dress, it is adorable.

    I think Chloe and Lanie's blog sounds like a good idea. I absolutely love the name. Don't worry, you'll still be the main blogger!

  2. Chloe and Lanie's blog sounds like it'll be fun to read! I can't wait to see it. It is kind of annoying to switch log-in info, though, so definitely don't feel pressured to update both blogs all of the time. ;)