Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liberty Jane Lavender Mint Tank

Sorry about not posting like I said I would yesterday. Sunny had to go to the mall to get a dress for her cousin's wedding so I decided I would wait 'til today. :)
Like I said a week ago, Sunny was going to try her hand at sewing. Unfortunately, her sewing machine (which is slightly old...) was broken so she had to sew the tank top by hand. Since this is basically her first time sewing I think I should cut her some slack but, I still have to say it's pretty pitiful.
She started out her shirt with a nice lavender fabric that she bought at Joanne's last summer for a project. I think this color looks really nice on Madi.
The pattern calls for more of a ribbed material but this worked out just fine.

After Sunny sewed the shirt, she added mint green ribbon to the shoulder parts of it. I really like the purple and green paired; I think it's a very pretty combination!
Since we had left over ribbon, we decided to tie the mint ribbon in Madi's hair for the photoshoot. All in all, Sunny is very proud of her shirt. You have to start somewhere, right? :)



  1. Sunny did a great job sewing that shirt :)
    and that color does look very good on Madi!

    ~Chrissa :)

  2. ♥ the colors!
    My sewing is...poor.
    So great job!

  3. So cute!! Could you enter my contest??


  4. It looks cute! Almost like a babydoll smock type thing :)

  5. That looks very cute! :) Give yourself more credit, it's not bad at all for your first try. In fact, it's rather good. I love the colours. Purple/Green is one of my favorite combinations. They look so nice together! Madi is lovely!

  6. That is absolutely adorable Sunny! No way would I call that bad...much better than I can do. You deserve to be proud of it!