Saturday, April 10, 2010

Couture Updates

I cannot believe that this blog has 40 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who is following and/or reading this blog. It means a lot. :) :) :)
Also, I am really sorry I haven't been that consistent with updating. This week has been so busy for me! Soccer practice Monday, guitar lessons Tuesday, soccer game on Wednesday, massive homework Thursday, and last night I had to go to a Spring Fling festival at our nearby church. But, (finally!), I have found the time to post!
On Monday, right before I was headed to soccer practice, Sunny noticed a white box on her doorstep. I went with her to investigate and discovered it was our... Melody Valerie Couture Sweet Darling Dress!!! It's so pretty and is made of absolutely stunning plaid fabric, and it came in only 2 days! Thanks so much, Melody Valerie Couture, we are very happy with this dress! Sunny decided it would be great for Gwen, but first she made Lanie model it for Chiffon & Lace. Once Lanie's done uploading those pictures and posts them on her blog, the dress will be going to Gwen! Lucky girl.
Here's a spoiler photo of the dress. Check Chiffon & Lace for an upcoming post featuring all the photos of it soon:
Last on my mini "list" of couture updates is... inspiration. Libby and Nicki, Brooke and Avery, and Starr and Rose have inspired Sunny to do something almost impossible for her to do. Sew. She is the worst sewer in the history of seamstresses, I am not even exaggerating. A few hours ago she downloaded a free Liberty Jane pattern book (ribbed tank top) and is going to pull out her old sewing machine. If the tank comes out anything remarkably close to Brooke's t-shirts or Starr's dress, she is going to be amazed! If it looks somewhat like a tank then she'll allow me to post a picture of it, but if it just looks like a total mess she'll probably be too embarrassed...



  1. You take great pictures! :D
    ~Iona and The Dolls

  2. Beautiful pictures...and gorgeous dress...congrats!

  3. Good luck Sunny! You've told us all now... so post pictures even if it doesn't look great! Practice makes perfect ;)