Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be back online May 23rd!

Not my picture! I found it on Google Images. BTW, Aurora is my favorite princess. I don't remember if I mentioned that in my last post.

Piper and Sunny will be going to Walt Disney World tomorrow/Saturday for a mini-vacation. This means that I won't be able to be online. =( But, she'll be back on Sunday during the afternoon or early evening so if I can I'll update then and post some of the pictures they took there. Last time Sunny went Disney (she took me and was given Rebecca there as a gift) she didn't bring any of us to the parks so therefore she didn't take any pictures. This time will *hopefully* be different. Sunny is planning on bringing Piper to at least EPCOT tomorrow night, if not on Saturday.
Also, Rose awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award. Thank you SO much, Rose! :)
Now I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.
1) I am left-handed.
2) I sleep walk... A LOT.
3) I love going to the beach but hate swimming in the ocean. (I'm deathly afraid of sharks)
4) I hate math but wish I could be good at it.
5) I used to have braces when I was 9.
6) I sometimes pretend I am a famous author and am signing autographs for my adoring fans.
7) My favorite color in the entire universe is turquoise!

I tag...

... anybody who wants to be! All of you are beautiful bloggers.



  1. Have fun at Disney Land Sunny and Piper! I'm sorry that you have to stay home, Cali. :( Hey at least you won't have human you know what that means.
    PARTY! :D
    Ps. My favorite princess is Ariel!

  2. I'm sorry you have to stay home, Cali.
    I can't wait to see pictures of the trip. And I agree with Mia S.'s comment wholeheartedly.

  3. Ooh, Disneyland. I haven't been there yet. Maybe they'll bring you back a Mickey Mouse hat!