Sunday, May 16, 2010

Once upon a dream...

Princesses and fantasy have been on my mind so much lately! I can't help but want to sing my favorite Disney princess song "Once Upon a Dream" as I waltz around the house. This is for two reasons:

1) Shannon Rose found out her next topic for AGMA and it's princesses! She has so much work to do for this challenge, but she's up for it. Sunny has been primping that girl all weekend, getting her prepared and ready for the photos. Lucky!

And 2) We're going to Disney World on Friday and Saturday. I know you're probably thinking that my family goes to Disney A LOT, but we have yearlong passes and we only live about 2 and a half hours away. Unfortunately, "we" does not include me this time. :( Since I've already been to Disney, Sunny wanted to bring someone else. That someone is Piper! Piper is super excited about going and "meeting all the princesses", especially Snow White, her favorite.

So although none of the princess-related going-ons truly involve me, I'm having so much fun! I was actually having SO much fun that I made a collage on Picnik (without using Picnik Premium...) with the princesses. All the cartoon photos are not mine, so all credit goes to the owners. The doll photos, however, are mine! Hope you like it:



  1. My favorite princess would have to be Belle, just because she's French. ;) Princesses are fun; I wish I were one...

  2. Hey, Cali! This is Marisol, who goes to boarding school with Sabine. I haven't blogged since 2008, so you may not know me.
    Every girl loves princesses. How could you not? Have fun participating in AGMA and I hope Piper and Sunny have fun at Disney. Don't worry; I'm sure they'll bring a little something back for you.

  3. Cute collage! :) Of those, I'd say I like Mulan best. I know, shock! You probably thought my answer would be the same as Sabine's, but Belle doesn't exactly match my personality. My twin sister would choose Belle as her favorite, and that I have no doubt. My all-time favorites really are no princesses - Esmeralda (also set in France!) followed by Megara.

    I hope Piper has a blast at Disney and that Shannon does well in AGMA!


  4. My favorite princess is Cinderella. I think that was the first fairy tale I remember hearing. That was before seeing the movie, too. Have fun dreaming of princesses!

  5. We love Disney and princesses here too! My favorite is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love that song too! I hope Piper enjoys Disney World!

  6. That picture is just too cute! It also matches your background which is pretty princessy. We love the new background, watermelon colors are my favorite. :)
    Can't wait to see Shannon's AGMA entry, she's doing such a great job!