Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Walt Disney World Photos: From Piper

Hi, I'm Piper! I think I've only posted on Cali's blog once before this so I'm still getting into the swing of the things. :)
As most of you know, I went on a very fun but very HOT (it was nearly 90 degrees the entire trip) visit to Walt Disney World. I had a great time and I wanted to share some photos I took there. Hope you like them!

Me in a butterfly garden at EPCOT

Chilling at the hotel with my new book, Kingdom Keepers, which is about four kids who have to save the Walt Disney World Parks.

On Saturday, I couldn't go with Sunny and her family to Magic Kingdom so I stayed at the hotel and checked out the view from the window.

A photo Sunny took of a water flower in front of our hotel, Coronado Springs.

So that was my trip! I had a fantastic time and I hope to be able to come again sometime! :)



  1. Cool! Those were great photos. We stayed at Coronado Springs once!


  2. Hi Piper,
    It looks like you had a great time! I love that you're wearing your butterfly headband in the butterfly garden. How's the book?

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Disney World, Piper! :)
    Your new book looks like a fun read, too. Let us know how you like it.


  4. KEWL photo's looks like you had lots of fun ..

    Ta Ta,

  5. Great pictures! I'm sure Piper had a blast!