Saturday, May 8, 2010

Standing Up

I am SO pooped.
Last night was FMSG's famous Spring Fling and I had a blast... for the most part...

So this is basically how the night went:
Jane, Noelle, and Piper and I walked in, dressed in our special spring outfits. We danced for a couple hours, drank punch, talked, and danced some more. Then Nellie came.
Nellie (of course!) was wearing this super fancy dress and shoes. She looked like a million bucks and a quarter.
"Hey, Cali," she spat as she passed me on the dance floor.
"Oh, hi, Nellie," I said back, politely, letting her by.
"Wow... your hair looks like a truck ran over it," snarled Nellie as she ran her perfectly-manicured fingers through her styled hair. "No wonder you don't have a date."

By now I was totally fed up with her. So what if I didn't have a date with me? I didn't even see Nellie with a date, either. That girl had bothered me since the day we met back in August and I'd always been too timid to speak up and tell her to stop getting on my nerves. Well, not today, I was thinking.
"Nellie Christelle O'Malley, I am SICK and TIRED of the way you talk to me so please BUG OFF!"I shouted, clenching my fists to keep my anger from coming out like an erupting volcano. Jane wandered over, grasping a paper cup filled with punch and ushered me away.
"You stood up to her!" Jane cheered when we were back by the snack table. "I am so proud of you."
"I'm proud, too. Nellie has been rude long enough and I think it's about time someone put her in her place," I admitted.
Jane nodded and we walked back out on to the dance floor and had a great (no, terrific!) rest of the night.
What I still can't believe is that I, Cali Hazelwood, stood up to Nellie, the queen of mean. I just hope me telling her what's up will stop the bullying for once and for all. A doll can dream, can't she?



  1. Way to go, Cali! Nellie deserved that what with all she's done to you and the others. Hopefully she'll take a lesson and stop bullying.

    The Spring Fling looks like it was fun otherwise. Everyone looks so pretty and festive.


  2. I'm so glad you stood up to her! There is no excuse for Nellie being such a jerk. I hope she gets an attitude adjustment. Maybe all she needed was for someone to tell her the truth, that she is a bully.

    It looks like had a great time, though! Wonderful pictures, you all look very nice.