Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earth Day Photo Contest Results

Hi, everyone, it's me, Cali!
I just wanted to thank everyone who entered my first annual Earth Day Photo Contest. All of the entries were amazing and I wish I could've given everyone 1st Place. It took Sunny, Marigold, and I a LONG time to decide on the winner. :)

We loved how she incorporated homemade clothing into her photo (we thought that was very green). The colors were very pretty and it really looked like an earthy picture. Great job, Rebecca!
(You can paste the following "ribbon" on to your blog, *Roses are Read*)
This picture was very captivating. The photography was excellent and the approach was unique. Kiki looked so cute in her blue raincoat.
(You can paste the following "ribbon" on to your blog, Kiki)
The flowers and spring-y dresses in these photos were to die for. All of you girls looked so pretty! Congrats. :)
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And now for the Honorable Mentions!!!

This was a very cute photo, Samantha. We thought it was most definitely the best action photo of the bunch.

The cherry blossoms in this photo were spectacular! Sophie looked like she was having a great time playing in that tree.

The colors in this photo were beautiful. It was a very pretty portrait, Miss Georgia! :)

We loved the background in this photo! I liked how Kolby was standing in the middle and her friends were behind her, off in the distance. Very clever!

(All Honorable Mention winners can paste the following "ribbon" on to their blogs!)
Thanks again to everybody who entered. Your photos were great and I had a really fun time looking at them. Great job!


P.S: The Spring Fling is only 5 days away, I can't wait!!!


  1. WOW! Thanks guys, I can't believe we won!! Everyone was very creative in their photography, great pics everybody!

  2. Thanks for 3rd place! :D I love that ribbon, it's awesome!

    Thanks for having this awesome contest & congrats to the other winners!

    ~Rose (+ Rebecca)

  3. Thanks and CONGRATS to all of you winners .. how super fun for everyone ..

    Ta Ta,

  4. Wow! We are really honored to receive second place. All the photos were wonderful and this was fun and inspiring!

    ~Kiki, Mia and Eva

  5. Beautiful photos! Congrats to everyone!