Saturday, June 5, 2010

FMSG Yearbook 2010

Every year Frosted Meadows' yearbook committee goes all out and makes us these wonderful keepsake yearbooks. Most of the teachers let us use the last few days to sign our yearbooks. Here are some of the pages in our 6th Grade Yearbook. I already have quite a few signatures:


Page 1
Do you see me?

Page 2

Those were only a few of the pages of our yearbooks but I thought they were awesome. I still have to get some signatures from Noelle and Julie but I'm pretty happy with it. Have a great summer everyone!



  1. Awesome! That yearbook looks great! We get ours on Monday & I can't wait. :D :D How many more days of school do you guys have? We have eight more days. I'm dying to get out of that place! Lol!


  2. That's an awesome yearbook! That's great that your teachers allow you time to get autographs. Ours aren't as nice. Once the teacher walks into the classroom, yearbooks have to go away.


  3. That is so kewl .. what an awesome yearbook .. Mama said we could do one this year if we wanted, we are homeschooled though.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Summer,
    Ta Ta,

  4. Great yearbook! I can't wait to get mine! LOL, I'll even have Ava sign it...

  5. That's amazing! I love it.

    Sitara got inspired to make us a yearbook :) She tried to make it different from yours though, as we don't want to copy your ideas. If it is ok with you we'll post it. :)

    You all look really pretty and I spy some Melody Valerie Couture! :)

  6. Love the yearbooks! I'm sure you'll cherish them forever!!

  7. Hi Cali! That yearbook is so awesome! I LOVE it! It's very unique! I love how you friends signed their signatures by their pictures. :)


  8. Hi Cali!

    That's awesome you got your yearbook! I love the design of it-it's really pretty! :)

    Also, I just love your blog background! Your header is such a great picture! :)


  9. How did you make the year book? was it on a website??? tell me PLEAZ!