Sunday, June 27, 2010


C is for caring to people and animals alike.
A is for always trying to do her best no matter what the circumstances.
L is for lucky to have such good friends who like her for who she is.
L is for letting her true personality shine through.
I is for intelligent when it comes to people and school.
S is for successful in all of her adventures.
T is for truthful to one and all.
A is for an American Girl.

That was just a short poem I wrote using my name. I thought it would be fun to make! :D Hope everyone is having a great summer.



  1. Great poem! I like writing, too. :)

  2. Aww! I love those type of poem's! Cali, your a true inspiration to me, and probably a lot of dolls! I love your blog! :)


  3. Hi Cali!

    That was an Awesome poem! I LOVE that picture of you too! It is so cool! :D

    Have a great day! :)