Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Girl

Yes, weird as it is there's a new girl here on FMSG campus. She looks quite like my long distance sister, Mia, but she says she's different. Her name is Mia, too, and she's quite the character, if I do say so myself. She walked into the cafeteria and sat down right next to me, introducing herself this afternoon at lunch. "Hi, I'm Mia," she said, smiling.
"Uh, hi, the name's Cali," I replied as I reached for my sub sandwich and started chewing.
"I just moved here from Colorado. I'm starting 7th grade next year here," Mia told me, grinning.
Then she started telling me about her pet yorkshire terrier, Sugar, and her stuffed walrus, Miko. She seems really nice and an awesome person to talk to. She's very peppy though, which can sort of be annoying sometimes.
Anyways, I can't believe another doll has moved here! I think Sunny's at her limit, lol. Mia says that her previous "person" was Sunny's BFF and she no longer wanted her. Then Mia told me that her "person" asked Sunny if she would like her. Sunny agreed since a Mia doll was what she wanted for her birthday in September. And that was that. Today Mia came for good!
I guess having a new girl here at Frosted Meadows isn't that bad. Maybe it could lead to some new adventures, hmmm?



  1. Welcome Mia!! She seems really nice, and the pictures are beautiful!
    I can't wait to hear about your new adventures with Mia!

    <3 Marisol :D

  2. Awesome! I know how much Sunny has been wanting Mia, so this is great news! :)


  3. Oh welcome to Mia .. I love new girls but yet how would i really know I was the last one so far. LOL!!

    Have fun, cannot wait to see more adventures coming from your school now .. YEAH!!

    Ta Ta,

  4. How exciting to have another girl where you live! She seems really nice, I hope you have lots of fun. =)

  5. Mia seems nice, I hope you can get to know her. Congrats to Sunny on getting her! She is very pretty, isn't she? :)

  6. Welcome, Mia! I'm sure she'll be a great friend. She seems so much more normal compared to the Mia here. She is very pretty. :)