Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunny at the Barn

Sorry about not posting too frequently even though I said I would. Unfortunately, even though school is out we've still been busy doing various things like Sunny spending the night at friends' house, then at her grandparents', and then Chloe's exciting trip to Homosassa Springs (pictures soon!). But, I have found time to POST!!!!
Anyways, like I said, Sunny spent the night at her friends' Haley and Annie's house. As usual, they went to the barn where Haley and Annie both ride. Sunny had super duper fun and took TONS of photos. Here are just a few:
H and A's horsey!

Her nose. :)

The much-loved "barn kitty" who Sunny said calls these stables home chills in a plastic chair.

Sunny on H and A's horse. She wanted me to write that she looks terrible and is sorry but that's sort of what you wear when you are at the barn, lol. xD

Sorry that this post is slightly on the short and off-topic side but I promise to post pictures from Homosassa later this week. Bye!



  1. Caitlin, my person, has always wanted to ride horses. Her old friend had three.
    That looks like so much fun!

  2. Cali .. Sunny is lucky .. Mama used to have her own horse on the ranch and spent time riding all the time during the summer .. she has not ridden in several years since we sold the ranch .. that is why us girls have our own horses .. mama says we need them ..

    Ta Ta,

  3. Cool! Sounds like Sunny had lots of fun. I like the cat's picture and the horse's nose. You'll probably get lots of awesome pictures!
    -Camille & Nicki

  4. Olive has a friend who loves horses. She hasn't been gutsy enough to ride one yet, but she loves watching her friend ride. Nice pictures!

    BTW, someone named Sunny is following our blog, but we don't think it's you. Do you know who it is?

    --Kit :)