Sunday, June 13, 2010

My New Bedroom

With summer comes new couture! The Etsy shop dollcloset has been on our list of pretty doll clothing shops for a while and *finally* Sunny has got around to purchasing us a dress (which is very summery) and a shirt/shorts combo outfit from there. We ordered the items on Monday so they should be here fairly soon. Once they are, check Chiffon & Lace for reviews of the ensembles!

Now for the much anticipated photos of my non-messy room! You should've seen if before Mission Impossible. It was like a tornado swept through it, no joke. Now it looks completely better and way cleaner.
Sorry for the bad quality! Sunny had to use her phone for the pictures since her camera needs new batteries and she doesn't have any at the moment.

Awesome night stand- only 7$ !

And my dresser, of course! Love the Ariel statue, right?

So that's my room! I am so happy I could clean it out and redecorate it. Hope everyone has a great Sunday. :)



  1. Ooh, I love your new room, Cali! It looks great!

    Can't wait to see your new clothes! Starr ordered an outfit for us from ebay but it still hasn't come. :/


  2. Your room looks great, Cali! :) Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. I really like your new room, Cali! You did a great job decorating. I always love your blog. =) I decided it would be nice if I started commenting though, since I just started a blog of my own!

  4. I LOVE your room, Cali! It is so cute!! The pictures are great-my camera phone is even worse quality! lol :)

    Have a good day! :)


  5. Ooh your room is adorable Cali! I especially love how you are displaying your Kit doll. Your piggy bank is cute as well!:)

  6. Your room is so cute, Cali!! The Ariel statue was adorable :)


  7. How KEWL .. love your room .. it looks so comfy.

    Ta Ta,

  8. Ooh I love your room!! I especially like the cute bugs and flowers on the furniture! :)