Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Is it just me or does everything have that crisp, fall-like feeling all of a sudden? Even here inhot, sunny Florida the weather's been reaching a low 65 degrees in the morning and staying at a temperate 75 degrees during the day. I knew fall was coming but the arrival of cool weather makes it official. We've said goodbye to summer and we're saying hello to fall!
Fall is probably my favorite season. For one, the weather is amazing. Also, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my 12th birthday are all in fall. And, of course, the arrival of fall means we're that much closer to the holiday season!
Anyways, enough of my rambling, time for the good stuff- Dolloween! As you can see I posted a video I created on JibJab (kind of like Monster Mash last year ;)) to the sidebar on the right. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look- it's pretty hilarious! Also, if you have a YouTube account please, please, please check out my newest video. I would love it if you could enter. Remember, the costumes don't have to be elaborate or expensive. For instance, in the newest AG Magazine (*for humans*) they have the directions for creating a quick, simple bat costume for your doll under the Doll Fun section. That would be an awesome entry!
Thanks for reading and happy fall.



  1. Can I enter dolloween on my blog? I don't have a youtube. Thanks Jenna

  2. Hey Cali,

    Fall is my favorite season as well. I'm sad that it's still warm here and I live up north where it should be cool by now. But the leaves are starting to fall, so that's exciting.


  3. It's getting chilly here, too. Aside from spring, fall is probably my favorite season. I love the cooler weather and colors. I have no idea who I'm going for halloween...maybe Hannah Montana?

  4. Yeah!!! Totally...I live in Germany so here the wheather is like 10°C in the day...Sry, not good with farenhiht (Ge-ez, the spelling..*shudder*)...Ohmegawd, this is so-o random =) Would love it if you would check on my blog (= BTW, Kate says 'hi!' to Jane =))) (My blog is called 'Octavian Acadamy Girls. I have another one for my relatives and I think it's the one on my profile ...)

  5. sarah, 10 celcius is about 42 degrres feirighnhight.