Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Hey everyone! Cali is excited. Cali is very very excited. Cali likes to talk in third person :) Well, aside from being weird, I am extra wired because Halloween is only a day away! Everyone has been getting prepared for this holiday by decorating, making spooktacular recipes, and (of course) eating candy.

Today I'd like to share with you some photos of a handmade doll dress bought at a local doll boutique in our area. The dress screams 'fall' and the warm browns and oranges go great with Mia's red hair and hazel eyes. The woman who sold us the outfit said the dress was called "Thanksgiving Dinner" but I think it works well for any time during autumn. What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Stay tuned for a Halloween post tomorrow :) BOO!



  1. Emily is wired for Halloween too! Haha. I got my costume all ready and my sisters are getting their's done. I can't wait! That dress is very cute!


  2. We are getting ready too .. we are soooo excited to have Holly and Haley visiting with us for the All Hallows Eve fun ..

    Ta Ta,

  3. That's such a pretty dress! I agree, it's perfect for fall :D

    Everyone in my house is getting ready for Halloween as well, I can't wait!!


  4. The dress looks gorgeous! I love the pictures!

    So excited for Halloween!(:


  5. The dress is gorgeous!
    I have never celebrated Halloween yet...I've been too strict with sticking to my French ways. However, I'm going to celebrate this year.
    I'm pretty pumped, actually!

  6. It's cute! The fabric does seem to suit Mia. :)
    Happy Halloween! I never usually do much myself, though. Usually I just use the holiday as an excuse to wish that I could be a witch, lol.


  7. Happy Halloween, Cali!
    It sounds like you all had fun getting ready :D Sitara was baking too! She made everyone pumpkin muffins between studying cell communications for a bio test! xD
    The dress looks very nice on Mia--it really suits her hair/eye combination!

  8. Cali looks BEAUTIFUL! DOES she want to be pen pals with my doll?