Saturday, October 2, 2010

I. Am. Still. Alive...Kind of.

Arggghhhh! Sorry everyone, you probably have been thinking that I left the planet and gone to Mars where there's no internet and no time at all to post. Well, you'd be sort of right. Middle school is like Mars- maybe even worse- and there isn't any time to post. I feel ashamed. Feel free to give me a tsk, tsk because I deserve it. So much.
Well, let me just say that I will be doing much better with updating this blog after my short (ok, looooong) hiatus of boringness. Trust me on this. We have three (yes, three! (:) new videos on our YouTube channel and are preparing for our big first-ever Dolloween 2010 celebration, which will be on YouTube and on this blog now and again. Part of the Dolloween festivities include a costume contest where you can post pictures of yourself- if you're a doll- in your favorite costume(s). The winner will be announced on Halloween and will receive some very fabulous prizes. For more information on Dolloween 2010 check out our YouTube channel or click here.
So, as I said, I am surprisingly not dead. Hope you all forgive me and have an amazing weekend!



  1. Good to see you're still alive!

  2. Cali - you're still alive! Hope to see you post more often. We were wondering where you were (and now we know).

  3. Bonjour, Cali!
    I missed reading your posts and I'm so glad to hear that you'll be posting again. Don't feel bad- I've been crazy busy, too, as has the human.

  4. Cali,

    Yay! I missed my twin-ish girl. You know what, Mars would be an awesome place to go to school. But if there is no internet...