Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Costumes, Part 1

Hey, guys! Time for part 1 of our 2 part Halloween Costume special. Today we'll be discussing two of my favorite doll Halloween ensembles, our Minnie Mouse costume and our AG-brand Fancy Riding Outfit. These outfits are modeled by my friends Madi and Gwendolyn.

As you can see, these costumes are very similar to costumes we see for girls. Although they differ slightly, the same basic idea is obvious in both.
Kids Equestrian Costume - Kids Halloween Costumes This costume greatly resembles AG's newest horseback riding outfit, the Fancy Riding Outfit. This outfit consists of a dark blue show blazer, white breeches, black show boots, and a velvet helmet. Not only does this cute ensemble work well for Halloween, it also is a great addition to any horse-loving doll's wardrobe.
This costume, one of the many Minnie Mouse costumes available for young girls, is an almost exact magnification of the Disney Girls Minnie Mouse outfit, which can be purchased exclusively at any Disney Resort & Theme Park. The classic red polka-dot dress and the eyelet slip are important elements in all Minnie Mouse costumes. Both things can be found in both the girl sized version and that for the doll.

Stay tuned for more Halloween Costume posts, coming to a Dashboard near you!



  1. I like the Mickie Mouse costume best!

  2. I like the Fancy Riding costume the best, but I probably wouldn't use it much for riding. LOL, I love the blazer; it's so fashionable. It looks like it'd go great with different mix and match ensembles. ;)


  3. We have the Minnie Mouse outfit, too. It's cute, but I think I'm going to be Hannah Montana. ;) The riding outfit is very sophisticated, though.

  4. They are so cute .. I love the Minnie Mouse outfit .. they both make great halloween costumes ..

    Ta Ta,

  5. i have a minnie mouse outfit from disney world i got when i went in 2002 and i love it!!