Sunday, November 21, 2010

Samantha's Winter Stroll

My friend Jane's cousin Samantha Parkington (she's also a student here at FMSG) is just loving the wintry weather here in Florida. Sam was born and raised in New York where the temps can reach below zero during the holiday season so the chilly weather was very familiar to her. She just loved modeling her new evergreen winter coat and elegant velvet hat as she strolled through the FMSG campus. Luckily, Sunny had her camera handy and was able to take some beautiful photos of Sam in her winter wear.
Sam looks just lovely in green. It really brings out her brown eyes and hair!

It was a cloudy day today but the colors of the late fall greenery and the damp soil below made great contrast for photography.
All of these photos were edited using Picnik's Orton-ish effect and the text effect. Since the weather was overcast, the lighting wasn't phenomenal so editing helped a lot- especially to bring out the rich colors.
I can't wait for the holidays to arrive! What do you guys plan on doing over the Thanksgiving and winter breaks? Any family traditions you love? What's your favorite thing about the holiday season? Let me know in a comment- I'd love to hear what the holidays mean to you!



  1. Salut Cali,

    Samantha looks gorgeous! I love how her green coat looks with Rebecca's pretty hat. :)

    I'll still be in NYC over Thanksgiving break. It's my first time in NYC, and I'm having a lot of fun. Of course, I'm a little homesick for Paris and my family, but when I get homesick, it's usually around the holidays anyway. There's just something about spending Christmas - or Noël as we French know it - with family. I love gathering around the tree and hearing my Grandpère tell stories. I love seeing a puppet show on Christmas Eve with my twin sister and attending mass services, even though I'm not regular at attending church.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing this Christmas. I think I'm going back to FHSG, but I'm not really sure what we'll be doing there yet. I guess I'll see.


  2. Sunny's photos of Samantha are amazing!
    This thanksgiving my grandmother is staying with us. We're not really doing anything special, but it's great to see her.
    This Christmas I think it will just be my family, which is great too! :)

  3. Lovely photos!

    For Thanksgiving, I will be attending a fancy Thanksgiving Dinner in Boston at a ritzy hotel. Should be fun. ;)I should get a few fun fashion photos, hopefully!

    I've never commented here, but I've enjoyed your blog for a while. I just started one of my own. Come check it out, if you like! =)