Sunday, November 14, 2010

When life flies bye...

I can't believe the last time I posted was 2 weeks ago! I'm so sorry. Homework, tests, the usual- just tends to get in the way nowadays. Don't worry- although, I'm not posting as much as I did over the summer, I'm still thinking of you, my followers, commenters, and readers, who make this blog possible! Thank you guys SO much and I'll try my hardest to keep the updating up to a maximum in the next few weeks. After all, Thanksgiving and fall break is only one school week away and then I'll have lots of time to post!
So, what has been going on to Cali Hazelwood in the past week or two? Not much- other than hitting my 12th birthday! It was a small gathering with only my closest friends (Jane, Shannon, Piper, Chloe, and Lanie) but it was really nice. We all went to a fancy bistro up the street and then got icecream sundaes at Karlssons' Kandy Shoppe afterwards. I opened my presents there and got a pair of light blue doll-sized Uggs and a Breyer to add to my ever-growing collection. It was a fun time and a great way to celebrate my 12th birthday and a year and a half on Crazy for Cali! :D
Well, enough about me! What have you been doing in the last few weeks of fall? Leave your answer in a comment below ~ I'd love to hear what's going on with you guys too!



  1. Joyeux anniversaire, Cali! :)
    I'll be turning 14 on December 19.
    This week has been pretty dull...nothing much going on around her. I did make Ava's Fashion Fails list, though...

  2. Happy belated birthday, Cali!
    I'm turning 10 on November 28th.

    Ahh i HATE when life get's dull and there is nothing 'blog-worthy!'


  3. Bonsoir Cali!

    Joyeux Anniversaire! :) I turned 13 on August 9...putting me as one of the youngest in my class. Ugh! My friend Nathalie turns 14 on November 30, and she's in the same grade as I am!

    I'm currently spending time with Inky and her best friend Violet, and we're getting ready to celebrate Inky's birthday. :)


  4. Happy belated birthday, Cali! It sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  5. Happy Birthday, Cali! 12 is the best age ever!