Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello, AG Fans!

Yay!!! I can't believe I have my own blog!!! My classmate Noelle has her own on my website but I can barely even fathom that Sunny said I could have one, too. Well, before I start blogging away I want all you readers to know who I, Cali Hazelwood, am. I am an AG #21 Today Doll that loves traveling, writing, playing sports (especially soccer!) and taking canoeing lessons at the local rec. center with my person, Sunny. I go to a school called Frosted Meadows School For Girls and I recently went to California. My biggest wish/want is a kitten but Sunny is always saying we can't get one because of Noelle's alllergies...(tear). A doll can dream can't she??? I'm new to the whole blogging thing so bear with me but I'm sure I'll be writing blogs like a pro in no time. Now that you know moi, it's time for you to meet my classmates:

Vicki::: She's probably my shyest sister but that doesn't stop her from expressing herself! Vicki loves to write poems or short stories about herself and her feelings. Many of us here adore her sensitivity and her calmness. Vicki is 12 years old and the oldest girl at FMSG.

Jane::: Jane is a cheerful, bright doll with a great sense of humor. She can almost always be found with Noelle or Vicki. Many students at FMSG nicknamed Jane "the peace maker" because she always seems to be solving problems through talking.

Noelle::: She's the most likely to become a multi-million $$$ superstar. With her killer dance moves, great voice and outgoing attitude, it's obvious why the theatre club practically begs her to join each year. Noelle is the whole package!

Madison::: My BFF. We do everything together which isn't that surprising since we both were purchased from AG on the same day. Madison is my polar opposite. I'm more of the tomboy while Madi is the head-on girly girl. Together we rock n roll!

Julie::: She's the enviromentalist, hippie we all know and love!

Others- Sam Parkington, Nellie O'Malley, Kirsten Larson, Elizabeth Cole
JSYK, I will be the only doll to post on this blog, usually. I may allow somebody else to post if necessery. 

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