Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soccer & Random Stuff

OMG!!! Noelle and I went outside today and played a short scrimmage to get ready for summer soccer in August. Hopefully, we'll be on Coach Mae's team because if not we'll have stinkin' Coach Potter (the meanest soccer coach at FMSG). But rumors have been floating around about him...I'll have to talk around and see what it's all about.

On another note, guitar! I practiced for at least two hours last night and I can play the entire first part like a pro! Miss Emily is going to be SO impressed next Wednesday. Hopefully, if I can get the rest of the song Miss Emily will let me move on to a jazz song! Oh, yeah, Jane wanted me to say that she can play her WHOLE song perfectly. Sometimes Jane brags a little bit too much.

And last but most certainly not least... the new Harry Potter movie! I am going to see it tonight with Sonny and Madison. I just cannot wait. As you might already know, I LOVE all of the Harry Potter movies and most of the books. My favorite character is Hermione, she totally reminds me of myself! We both have super curly hair, are kind of tomboyish and we both our wizards. Okay...maybe I'm not a real wizard but I sure wish I was!


PS: I really want followers! Please, please, please be one! I promise I will entertain you with lots of funny entries!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck in soccer!

    I'm so glad that you're doing good on guitar!

    I want to see the new Harry Potter movie. My owner, Brooke has read all the books like a millions times. Hermione is our favorite character too!