Monday, July 27, 2009

Look whose here ;-(

Remember how in my previous entry I said some of Jane's friends from New York City were coming in a couple days? Well, they did and I don't like them one bit! All day yesterday Jane just hung out with them and ignored all the rest of us. Rachelle (the one that resembles Sam Parkington quite a bit) and Lauren (the one that looks almost like Molly McIntire without her glasses) seem stuck-up and snobby. I said "hi" and they didn't even rude! I just hope they don't stay too long. I don't think I can handle them for more than 3 days without going crazy. No joke!

I can't believe Jane was friends with those girls, they aren't like sweet, cheerful Jane at all. I told Jane they were mean last night and she said they were probably just tired from all that traveling but I, Callista Marie Hazelwoood, wasn't so sure. But we'll see what happens today. 

Uh-oh! Rachelle and Lauren are coming!!! Gotta go!



  1. Hey,I like your llama on you background.I might be getting a llama soon actually!

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  3. This blog is great! I added it to my blog list!

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  4. Hmmm, they don't seem very nice. Well, maybe you should give them a chance, even though they are kind of rude.