Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sleepover

The sleepover was last night and you guys won't believe what happened. Read this to find out!

"Hi," I said, quietly as I entered the room. Jane waved but Lauren and Rachelle didn't say a word. Already the sleepover had a rocky start.
"How about we put on our pj's and you can play the song you've been working on for jazz club, Cali," Jane suggested. I agreed, shyly.
Once everyone was settled, I strummed the first few chords for "Best of Both Worlds". It actually sounded okay.
"You're...good!" said Rachelle, sounding somewhat amazed.
"Yeah," Lauren said, smiling weakly. I couldn't help but feel flattered. Maybe they weren't snobs after all...
After that, we all decided to play dolls. I told everyone that my Julie doll is my prized possession. Rachelle said she felt the same way about her Kirsten.
Lauren said Kit was her first doll but she also has Molly, Felicity and Samantha.
Then we decided to prank call Sunny with the Doll Phone. I've done it at lots of sleepovers so Sunny is used to it.
I dialed her cell phone number.
Jane showed me how to put it on speaker. "Hello?" a voice said. It was Sunny. We immediately hung up and then burst into giggles!
It was getting late so we all got in Sunny's enormous bed and watched Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, one of my favorite movies/books.
Before the movie ended, we were all fast asleep.
The next morning I was the first one up. Before I awoke the others, I thought to myself that I had been wrong about Lauren and Rachelle. They really were nice and I had a lot of things in common with them!

I hope you liked the photo story. I can't believe how things turned out. I guess I just needed to really get to know Lauren and Rachelle!



  1. Great photos! I'm glad that you had a good time and that Rachelle and Lauren turned out to be nice after all! :)

  2. Good! I'm glad Rachelle and Lauren turned out to be nice. :)


  3. That's nice that you gave them a chance! You guys will prob be great friends!

  4. Hi Cali!
    Thanks SO much for commenting on our blog. WE're going to add you to our link list today! Lauren and Rachelle seem like good friends!
    The sisters In Heart

  5. That is soooo cute! I bet they had a great time!


    PS- Thanks for commenting on my website!