Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jazz Club

Jane, one of my good friends at FMSG, said the Summer Jazz Program at our school is the best Jazz Club ever! I know I'll be taking soccer and tennis but I sort of want to try this "jazz program". I mean, if Jane's doing it, it has to be fun! I asked Jane what instruments you can play at Jazz Club and she said she's doing the saxophone but guitar, trombones and trumpets are just a few of the other instruments available to play, too. Hmm, this got my little doll head thinking. Julie used to take guitar lessons so she has a genuine guitar that she doesn't really use...what if I asked her if I could use it for the Summer Jazz Program??? Well, I did ask her and she said "of course, Cali!" and now I am officially signed up for Beginning Jazz with Jane. The classes are every Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. So I had my first class today! The teacher, Miss Emily, was VERY nice; I messed up these chords like 20 times and she didn't even yell at me like my soccer coach would if I kicked a ball that went over the goal once or twice. She says that guitar is a tricky instrument and I should just practice. The song I am working on is "Best of Both Worlds" by none other than my fave singer and TV actress, Hannah Montana. Once I nail this song, Miss Emily is going to teach me a jazz song that the other jazz members are going to play as well. I can't wait!

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  1. Jazz class sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck on the guitar!