Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging Hot Topics

Hi, Cali here. I can't believe what just happened...I'm speechless! Lauren, Rachelle and Jane invited me to a sleepover in Jane's room tonight. And I said I would go! I didn't want to sound rude and refuse so I sighed and said, "what time?" I'm hoping this wasn't the worst decision of my life but when I told Noelle and Madison my problem they said it was. They didn't particularly like Lauren and Rachelle either, though.

Ok, I'm going to attempt to change the subject to something more cheerful and fun... doll couture! I have been reading all these blog entries about doll couture and I'm hooked!!! I'm trying to get Sunny to buy me something from Melody Valerie or Terri's Touch but she says she needs to save up for Rebecca Rubin. Even though her birthday is a month away, she doubts her parents are gonna buy her that. I guess I'll have to wait...

Another blogging "hot topic" is the McDonald's vs. American Girl boycott. I really think that AG shouldn't have promoted their high-qulity, role model dolls through McDonald's...it is super unhealthy, you know! But it would be cool to just see what the toys are like. Usually those McDonald's toys are cheesy and badly made. Sunny doesn't think she should stop buying from AG, though but she might not go to McDonald's for a while.


PS: Thanks to my followers and commenters! I really enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas about my blog!


  1. Hello there, this is my first time stopping by your blogspot. I see you like A.G. dolls, I have 3 and played with them a lot when I was younger (I'm 17 now). If you would like to, drop by my blog.

    P.S. I arrived here from a link on Quinlyn's blog.

  2. Good luck at the sleepover :)

    I hope you can get some doll couture! I have a dress from Melody Valerie and it's my favorite! At least if you don't get any outfits, you get a new friend.

    I don't like how AG is promoting their product through McDonald's. It's like they're encouraging kids to eat there, which is unhealthy. Sure, they have a few salads on the menu but what kid orders a salad instead of a burger? Not a lot of them, that's for sure...
    AG is a company though, and these are hard economic times. First, and foremost, they are a business that is responsible to its shareholders.

  3. Hey Cali! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I've been reading yours, and I really like it. I'm following you now, and I'll add you to my Blog Friends list, too.

    BTW, I love your name. My teacher says it reminds her of one of her favorite actresses, Calista Flockhart.

    Have fun at the sleepover! Though I think I'd react the same way as you if some of my classmates invited me to a sleepover.

    OH yes, I'm in love with doll couture now, too. Actually, I've been in love with it for a while, but my teacher hasn't actually spent the money on it. You know because she keeps wanting to get us new classmates and all. As if we need anymore of those! I'd rather have new clothes, but whatever.