Thursday, December 3, 2009

Secret Santa

Hi, everyone, it's me, Cali! I am nearly jumping with joy at this moment because...

our school is doing a "Secret Santa" gift exchange! Tomorrow we'll be drawing names. You have to get little, inexpensive gifts for whoever you draw. Anyways, each day you have to stick a different type of gift in that person's locker, but you can't give any clues to who you may be.

*On Monday you must give your person a homemade Christmas card.

*On Tuesday you must give your person a holiday treat like a gingerbread cookie or a candy cane.

*On Wednesday you must give your person an inexpensive ornament.

*On Thursday you must give your person a little gift of your choice, under $5.

*On Friday, you must give your person a bit more expensive of a gift, such as a scarf or something like that.

I'm really excited to see who I draw. Since Elizabeth, my twin, is visiting us shell also be participating in the exchange. It's going to be so much fun! :-)
PS- Happy December!


  1. Ooh, sounds fun! Let us know whose name you draw!


  2. We did a secret Santa in our school too! Tell us who you get! Hopefully someone you know well!

  3. Secret Santas are so much fun! :) Sorry for not commenting in a while!