Saturday, December 12, 2009

Red & Green

Only 13 days left and only 5 school days until Christmas! Sunny and I are counting the days, hours, even minutes, until that joyous day! I feel like bursting into a Christmas carol right about now... LOL!
On another note, the last day of the Secret Santa gift exchange was yesterday, and I had a ton of fun! Gwen couldn't believe that her Secret Santa was me. And, believe it or not, Elizabeth wasn't my Secret Santa. She had Emily. My Secret Santa was Noelle! She said she made her handwriting look like Elizabeth's to keep me off the scent, and it did work! I hope we can do Secret Santa next year, too.

Anyways, today Sunny had a red and green photo shoot with her sister's doll, Emily. The pictures are posted below:

(The text on this last picture is hard to see but it'll show up better if you enlarge it, I think)



  1. I really hope my school does secret Santa this week!! It sounds like so much fun!!! I love Emily's pictures!!!! She's so pretty. I especially love her blue eyes. :)
    From Lola With Love:)
    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. That sounds so exciting! I have never done secret santa before, but my friend has at her dance studio. She says it's really fun! I am glad that you had a great time! What a surprise that Noelle was your secret santa. Happy holidays!

  3. Emily looks great in that outfit! I'm glad to hear that your Secret Santa went well!