Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sisters in Heart Environmental Challenge

The Sisters in Heart have started an environmental challenge, and I have gladly participated. Anyone who wants to participate must take photos of their doll(s) having fun or enjoying nature! Below are the photos Sunny has taken of me in our backyard, wearing my Christmas present, Ruthie's Play Outfit:
Thanks for looking at the photos! Happy holidays!



  1. Your lucky there's no snow for you! Everyone had to bundle up for her pictures. Aubrey had to wear her coat outside so she couldn't really wear anything cute! #21s look cute in that shade of blue!!! :) But then again they look cute in anything!!! :) LOL
    Lola Bean :)

  2. I forget you live in Florida, the land of warmth! Except, of course, the one time Laura went to Orlando it was freezing - and she had to buy a hoodie. ;)

    You look great in Ruthie's play outfit and better than Ruthie herself, I'd say. ;) Then again, you seem much comfortable in pants than Ruthie would - she's just so dressy that this outfit doesn't seem to be her taste at all!


  3. Wonderful pictures! :) Cali, you look so pretty in that outfit.
    Finally there's some snow here, so I think we might take a few pictures for the S.I.H Environment Challenge.

  4. Wow Cali, great job! Thanks for entering, I'm so excited! More people than I expected have wanted to enter. You look good in Ruthie's play outfit :)

  5. You're pretty, Cali!!!
    My Charlotte says Hi to you!
    (Charlotte is also a JLY # 21.)
    I love your blog!!
    I've read all your posts!