Saturday, January 9, 2010


Yes, I said it. Florida, land of the palm trees, is cold. REALLY cold. Like 30 degrees cold! Some of you who live way up north probably think that's warm, but to us Floridians that is unusually cold. Actually, reports of sleet and snow flurries have been sighted in the Tampa Bay area. SNOW!!!!! I have never seen snow in my entire life so I've been really excited this morning, waiting, hoping it might flurry, even for a moment. Unfortunately, it hasn't snowed yet...

Anyways, Sunny took me outside this morning to enjoy the cool (okay, freezing) weather. She took a few photos of me outside but these were her favorites. The third one was photo-shopped to look like it was snowing. Hopefully, it will snow later and Sunny'll be able to get some real photos of us in the snow. =) However, the second picture is of frozen dew on a pine tree in our backyard. It is probably going to melt as the day progresses, but I thought it was cool anyway. Okay, enjoy the pictures!

The frozen dew is hard to see, but if you look closely at the tips of the tree you can make it out.

Once I was done with my winter photo shoot, Sunny made me a cup of hot cocoa and a muffin. Yum!


P.S.- Even Sunny's dogs were cold this morning. LOL!


  1. It's cold here too! It got down to 19 this morning. Brr! Hope you're staying warm! :) Cute pictures, btw.


  2. Hehe, 30 degrees! That is absolutely freezing for Florida! But here, that's balmy, LOL! Right now it is windy and in the teens. Over one day, we got almost 5 inches of snow! I hope there is a flurry in FL for you. You have to see snow in real life, it is really pretty. Until is gets all dirty and old... LOL.

  3. Nice pictures! WOW, that is really cold for Florida! We had a few days of warmer weather but last time I heard we are back to cold. :P I heard about Florida being cold, but I didn't know it was that cold! :O I'm REALLY hoping for snow, too!

    BTW, I am listening to Fireflies on your MP3 player thing on your blog. I love that song! :D


  4. Ick, it was thirteen here in Montana! Thirty probably would be warm for us :) I feel your pain though, I'm sure after you're used to such nice weather, it's different to go to something freezing!

  5. Wow, that's cold! That's usually what it's like here in Texas, but today it is 19! Pioneer's friend's hose water froze, and an icicle was hanging out of it in the morning!

    Lucy <3

  6. It's absolutely okay if you add me (Aubrey) to your Frosted Meadows Girls!!! My full name is Aubrey Mia Gregory!!!! :) Yay!!!
    Aubrey G. :)
    ---- I totally know what your going through!!! It's freezing in Indiana!!! :)